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Since Lucknow Super Giants only joined the Indian Premier League in 2022, we can’t blame the club for not winning any of the championships yet. The team looks quite promising, with its captain KL Rahul and its head coach Justin Langer, an Australian cricket celebrity.

Meaning and history

In 2021, the Indian Premier League, founded in 2008, decided to expand and add two new teams. As a result, the league has sold two franchises – thus CVC Capital acquired Gujarat Titans and Sanjiv Goenka acquired Lucknow Super Giants.

Sanjiv Goenka, a renowned industrialist and business tycoon, is a name that is associated with success and innovation. Goenka has carved a niche for himself in various sectors ranging from power and infrastructure to retail and sports. Until recently, the main article of the businessman remained soccer, but today cricket is coming to the forefront because all the world’s experts note the high investment prospects of this sport.

Lucknow Super Giants is based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and has its home ground at Bharat Ratna Shree Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekana Cricket Stadium, which was opened in 217, and has a capacity of 50 thousand seats. The club is coached by a famous Australian coach and former cricket player, Justin Lee Langer. Prior to that, in 2021, Langer led the Australian cricket team to victory in the T20 World Cup. So, the Luck is Super Giants are in good hands.

What is Lucknow Super Giants?
Lucknow Super Giants is the name of one of the two youngest cricket clubs in the Indian Premier League. The team was founded in 2021, when Sanjiv Goenka, one of the richest people in India, bought an IPL franchise through his company, RPSG Group.

In terms of visual identity, Lucknow Super Giants is super vivid and active. The logo is based on a colorful emblem, which has some links to the logo of RPSG, the company of Sanjiv Goenka, which owns the club.

2022 – Today

Lucknow Super Giants Logo

The Lucknow Super Giants official logo was introduced at the end of January 2022. It is a colorful and eye-catching composition, with the emblem depicting two wide-spread wings, and a two-leveled gradient inscription in a stable sans-serif typeface. The wings of the Giants are drawn in red, orange, gray, and two shades of green, with the blue of the wordmark complementing the rich palette. The red cricket ball is drawn on a vertical blue banner, enclosed between the wings of the emblem.

Font and color

Lucknow Super Giants Emblem

The clean geometric lettering from the primary Lucknow Super Giants logo is set in a modern yet laconic sans-serif typeface, which looks quite close to such commercial fonts as Sigma Condensed, Parisinireg Std, or Picador Sans, with minor modifications of the contours.

As for the color palette of the Lucknow Super Giants visual identity, it is very diverse and delightful. The upper part of the emblem is executed in orange-to-red gradients, and evokes a sense of passion and energy, while the middle part of the wings is set in gray, to add stability and professionalism, and there are two shades of green at the bottom of the graphical part, symbolizing growth and progress. The blue of the lettering is all about the professional qualities of the players and the confidence of the club.

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