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Gujarat Titans is a young professional cricket club, which became a member of the Indian Premier League in 2022, as a result of a Governing Council of the IPL tender, held in 2021.

Meaning and history

The British brought cricket to India back in the 18th century. First, they played it themselves (the first cricket club in Calcutta appeared in 1792), and then the locals became interested in the exotic game. The Parsis (Zoroastrians in South Asia of Iranian origin) liked the game, followed by Hindus and Muslims.

The cricket revolution in India took place in 2008 when sportsman Lalit Modi launched the Indian Premier League. He based it on the commercial format of Twenty20 cricket, which limits match duration to three hours and is maximized for TV broadcasts.

Modi held an auction among India’s business elite, selling them the rights to include 8 clubs in the league for a total of $723 million. Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan even invested in one of the franchises. Following that, Modi convinced Sony to pay 900 million for the broadcast rights. And offered the world’s best players the best facilities to move in.

Thus, one of the world’s most commercially attractive leagues was born. Now only the NFL is more expensive than the IPL – just over $10 billion (about the same as the MLB) versus $16 billion.

In 2021, the IPL expanded from eight to ten teams, with CVC Capital buying Gujarat Titans for around $750 million and entrepreneur Sanjeev Goenka buying Lucknow Super Giants for around $950 million.

CVC Capital Partners is a management company founded in 1981 that specializes in direct investments through specialized funds and has invested heavily in European and Asian markets. They are headquartered in Luxembourg and made the decision to invest in soccer some time ago, before that, the fund had a successful track record of investing in other sports around the world. Today, however, CVC Capital’s focus has shifted to cricket.

What are Gujarat Titans?
Gujarat Titans is the name of a professional Indian cricket club, which was founded in 2021 in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. The team is one of the youngest members of the Indian Premier League, and by 2024 it has not won any titles yet.

In terms of visual identity, Gujarat Titans look very confident and modern. The logo is executed in quite a minimalistic style, but the cleanliness of the lines and the geometry of the badge make everything look cool and strong.

2022 – Today

Gujarat Titans Logo

The logo of the Gujarat Titans club was introduced at the beginning of February 2022, along with the official name of the team, to take part in the IPL Auction, when the league announced it was planning to expand from 8 teams to 10. The Gujarat Titans badge is based on a triangular crest, with the bottom edge having a small triangular annex, pointing down. The body of the crest is set in navy blue, with a fall gold outline, which is also used for an arched banner with the blue “Gujarat” lettering on it. This banner is placed above the white voluminous “Titans”, underlined by the white horizontal lightning bolt.

Font and color

Gujarat Titans Emblem

The lettering from the Gujarat Titans official logo is set in a stylized sans-serif typeface with distinctive straight lines of the characters, square cuts of the bars, and clean contours. The upper line of the inscription is executed in a modern geometric sans-serif, which reflects the progressiveness and power of the club.

As for the color palette of the Gujarat Titans’ visual identity, it is based on three colors: navy blue, gold, and white, which together create a very elegant and professional image for the club, which represents its determination and energy.