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Lacrosse is a fast-paced, exciting, and fast-paced game that combines elements of hockey, football, and basketball. Buffalo Bandits are players wo excel in this sport. Over the course of their existence, the Bandits have seen their fair share of prominent and gifted players, such as John Tavares and Mark Steenhuis. KeyBank Center hosts Buffalo Bandits games, which may be heard on Buffalo’s Entercom stations.

Meaning and History

Since their founding in 1992, the Buffalo Bandits, a lacrosse club based in New York City, have taken home six NLL titles. In MILL/NLL history, they became the first expansion team to win a title in their inaugural season. It was the Buffalo’s sixth championship in 2023 and its first since 2008. Since 2016, the Bandits had suffered defeat in all three prior appearances to the NLL Finals. The Bandits have recently won their spot in the 2024 NLL Playoffs. The Saskatchewan Rush is its main opponent.

What is Buffalo Bandits?
Buffalo Bandits are a professional lacrosse team from New York. Rax is an energetic and charming mascot of the Bandits. Recently, the Buffalo Bandits have secured their place in the NLL Playoffs for 2024.

1997/98 – Today

Buffalo Bandits Logo

The squad is represented by a bandit wearing an orange hat and gloves and a gray mask while gripping a lacrosse stick. The masked bandit is supposed to show the opponents that they are facing Additionally, a wordmark spelling Buffalo Bandits in all caps is used in the design. Besides the first letter in “Bandits”, there are no serifs. Instead, the nickname is printed using thick straight white strokes and placed on a dark blue base with a black outline. The “Buffalo” part of the name is done in orange to match other logo details and uses very small caps. The logo is positioned diagonally, which creates movement and symbolizes how quickly players move throughout the game.

Font and Color

Buffalo Bandits Emblem

The orange, a prominent choice in the logo, is a color of adventure and enthusiasm. It creates a perfect image of a self-confident and independent risk-taker. It has a more balanced energy than powerful red, but is still full of vitality. There is also a conservative and neutral gray. It creates an impression of control and reliability. There is even a splash of blue that reflects the authority and reliability of the players.

The logo uses a bold and daring font choice for the “Bandits” portion of the name. The first letter has pointed serifs, but the rest use straight, bold strokes to create a confident image. This custom inscription is also made to appear to have perspective and movement. There is another line that features a very basic sans-serif font.

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