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The Celebration Bowl logo features an orange color, which has positive, sunny connotations. It is paired with dark blue to form the palette of the sky at sunset. The things depicted on the logo seem to match the visual metaphor. You can see the skyline of Atlanta with fireworks on the right. On the whole, the design showcases the “celebration” theme started by the name of the bowl.

There is also a football in the middle of the skyline, to create another link with the type of event.

Meaning and history

Celebration Bowl Logo history

What is Celebration Bowl?
Celebration Bowl is the name of a collegiate football bowl game, played annually in Georgia since 2015. The Bowl is a part of Division I of NCAA and has its games played on the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

2015 – 2016

Celebration Bowl Logo 2015
The original Celebration Bowl logo, designed in 2015, was executed in a blue, orange, and white color palette, with a rounded badge, slightly extended horizontally. The body of the badge featured a solidly blue city landscape image with a stylized rugby ball placed vertically in its middle. Under the landscape the solid blue banner with the white “Air Force Reserve” logo and emblem was placed, being underlined by an orange ribbon with the italicized “Celebration” in white capitals, and the blue “Bowl” written on a white background on the bottom of the logo. The orange ribbon was balanced by rounded orange brackets, framing the logo, and the small orange firework on the upper right part. On the tails of the ribbon, there were two solid white five-pointed stars.


Celebration Bowl Logo 2017
The redesign of 2017 removed the blue banner with the “Air Force Reserve” logo and moved the orange ribbon with the “Celebration” a bit higher. It also got wider, to create a more balanced look. The forked sharp tails of the brackets got longer, and the firework in the upper right corner of the logo became bolder and larger. The “Bowl” part of the lettering also was enlarged and its color — intensified.


Celebration Bowl Logo 2018
In 2018 the Bowl comes back to its original logo, keeping all elements as they were. The “Air Force Reserve” logo and its delicate white emblem were brought back to the solid blue banner above the orange part of the logo, and the fireworks image got small and almost invisible again.


Celebration Bowl Logo 2019
The redesign of 2019 muted the color palette of the Celebration Bowl badge, making both orange and blue lighter and calmer. The blue banner was removed again, but this time it affected the blue image on top, then the orange ribbon. The blue vertical rugby ball got enlarged and now became the center of the whole composition. The orange fireworks were enlarged and moved slightly to the right, touching the sharp end of the right orange bracket. Under the badge the elegant blue ribbon with the bold white “5 Years” was drawn, having its ends curved inside, creating a shape of a ring.

2020 – Today

Celebration Bowl logo
The Celebration Bowl was first played in the 2015 season. It is among pretty well-known postseason college football bowl games. Its sponsor is the Air Force Reserve.