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Meaning and history

Liberty Bowl Logo historyThe logo of the annual college football bowl game the Liberty Bowl has remained virtually unchanged since 2004. This can be partly explained by the fact that the sponsor, Memphis-based auto parts retailer AutoZone, has also remained the same.

1993 – 1997

Liberty Bowl Logo-1993
The Liberty Bowl emblem, used from 1993 to 1997, featured a smooth and fresh blue and white color palette with some delicate red elements. The image of the Bell was enlarged and placed above the two-leveled inscription in all capitals of a slightly narrowed geometric sans-serif typeface. All elements featured calm blue as the main color but had some thin details (stripes and crack on the bell and square confetti over the wordmark) in white and yellow. The slanted “ST Jude” in a traditional sans-serif was written in white over the upper part of the bluebell.

1998 – 1999

Liberty Bowl Logo-1998
The calm blue shade was darkened up and intensified on the logo, created in 1998. The bell moved to the left from the lettering and got enclosed into a horizontally oriented rectangular frame in red. Above the emblem and the inscription, there were two solid geometric figures: a blue square with the white “AXA” logo, and a horizontally stretched red rectangle with the thin white serif “Equitable” written on it in the uppercase. The white rugby ball, which was vertically set on the letter “O” got brighter and more visible due to the use of a more intense red shade for its stitches.

2000 – 2003

Liberty Bowl Logo-2000
The framing is gone and the bell becomes the main element of the logo again in 2000. The color palette remained untouched, but everything else was changed. Now the AXA emblem was set over the bell, enclosed into a medium-weight white square frame. The “St Jude” in the title case moved back to the top of the bell but changed its typeface to a simple yet bold sans-serif. As for the “Liberty Bowl”, it was now set in one line, with its capitals executed in a modern yet simple sans-serif typeface, in the same shade of blue, like the one used for the bell.

2004 – Today

Liberty Bowl Logo
A three-dimensional badge in the new color palette was introduced in 2004. The gradient blue crest had its upper part in red and white, with AutoZone logotype following the geometric orange graphical emblem on the left. As for the blue part, it boasted a gold logotype with the up line straight and the bottom one arched above the golden Bell with the blue “St Jude” written in cursive along its upper part. The bell was accompanied by two groups of three white five-pointed stars set on the sides.

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