Karcher Logo

Karcher Logo

The logo of the German manufacturer Karcher is an example of remarkable consistency and loyalty to a company’s visual heritage. For more than 80 years of its history, there’s been just one (relatively minor) update.

Meaning and history Karcher Logo

Logo Karcher

The company established in 1935 specialized initially in developing industrial submersible heating elements. The name of the brand came from the surname of its founder, the inventor Alfred Kärcher (1901–59). Over the years, the range has been widening and now includes a variety of high-pressure cleaners, floor care equipment, parts cleaning equipment, window vacuum cleaners and more. In some countries, the products have grown so popular that the word “Karcher” is used to refer to any cleaning system using high-pressure water.

Old symbol

Karcher symbol

The original Karcher logo featured the name of the brand in bold capitals with a yellow underline. There was a small black emblem to the left. The dots that should have been placed above the “a” were positioned at the sides of the letter.

The 2015 emblem

Karcher emblem

The logo was made cleaner and better legible by removing the emblem and updating the letters.


Karcher Logo

Yellow and white have always been part of the Kärcher logo, while the black name of the brand used to be dark grey before 2015.

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