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IXL is the name of an online educational service, which provides various materials in different subjects, suitable for all school grades. Today the company designs its e-products for schools and learning centers all over the USA and has its website available for children from across the globe.

Meaning and history

IXL Logo history

The IXL visual identity has always been based on a bold stylized logotype, which has had several redesigns throughout history and came to the final version in 2005, with its great color contrast and confidence.

1997 – 1999

IXL Logo 1997

The very first logo for IXL was created in 1997 and featured three squares with dif-ferent patterns and textures, where the white letters were embossed. The “Interactive Excellence” tagline, deciphering the service’s name, was placed under the emblem in a modern sans-serif typeface, with its capital letters slightly extended.

The first square of the logo was colored gray and had a metal texture, the “I” on it was set in the lowercase and italicized; the second square had a striped yellow and black background, with the “X”, placed straight, while the third square in blue sym-bolizes water and had its “L” inclined to the right.

1999 – 2005

IXL Logo 1999

The redesign of 1999 simplified the logo to a red and black wordmark, with the first “I” in the lowercase and inclination, while the “XL” part featured a strict and bold sans-serif typeface with clean and distinct lines and edges.

2005 – Today

IXL logo

The current IXL logo was designed in 2005 and is composed of two parts, placed at a small distance from each other. The first one featured a letter “I” in the uppercase, standing straight and colored turquoise, while the letters in the “XL” part are slightly overlapping and drawn in bright yellow.

Font and color

The IXL logotype is executed in a custom geometric sans-serif, where each of the letters features a solid and massive shape and straight lines. It looks strong and confident, evoking a sense of reliability and trustworthiness.

The turquoise and yellow color palette of the IXL visual identity is bright, playful, and lively, brilliantly reflecting the purpose of the service and its connection to children’s education. Turquoise here stands for creativity, while yellow is a color of energy and motion.

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