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The Houston Bowl was held annually in Houston, Texas, during the five years from 2000 to 2005. The name referred to the NCAA-sanctioned Division I-A college football bowl game. Its first sponsor was the galleryfurniture.com. The event was later renamed the EV1.net Houston Bowl after sponsor EV1.net.

Meaning and history

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The Houston Bowl, founded by Texans owner Bob McNair in 2000, is a college football bowl game held in Houston, Texas. It initially featured teams from the Big 12 and the Big East conferences. Over the years, the game underwent several changes, including conference affiliations and names, becoming the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas in 2006 and then the Texas Bowl in 2014. The bowl game has showcased exciting matchups and notable achievements, including high-scoring games and outstanding performances by players. It has also contributed to the local community through charitable initiatives. As of now, the Houston Bowl continues to be an annual tradition, attracting football fans and promoting college athletics in Texas.

What is Houston Bowl?
The Houston Bowl was a college football bowl game that took place annually in Houston, Texas. It was sanctioned by the NCAA and featured teams from various conferences competing against each other. However, Houston Bowl has not been held since 2005.