Five of the Best Online Websites to Have Your Logo Made

An online logo maker offers one of the fastest, easiest, and the cheapest means of getting an exclusive professional logo for your business.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression in the corporate environment. Making a first impression and maintaining it is a must for every business in the corporate world.

Great first impression carries the message of trust, authority, professionalism, and it opens an avenue of opportunities for businesses. A great logo is the silent-salesman that helps you attain all these benefits in your business. It also helps you stand out from the competition.

Before the internet, businesses were limited to logo designers within their geographical locations, and those aiming to design their logos were required to undergo intensive training to attain the creative and technical skills required to become a professional logo designer.


Today, the advancement in technology has brought about an unlimited pool of talents and software to the doorsteps of business owners who need logo designs for their businesses. This unlimited access to a vast pool of talents and software does not always translate into professional logo designs and value for money.

To help you weed out the best professional online logo makers from the amateur ones, I present you with the best five professional logo makers based on clients’ satisfaction and value for money. Without much ado, here are the best five online websites to have your logo made:

  1. LogoMyWay
  2. 99designs
  3. Lobotz
  4. LogoMood
  5. The Logo Company

Let me now take you through the reasons these five online logo makers are exceptional.

#1 LogoMyWay:

logomyway logo

Are you looking for an innovative logo designer that provides an easy and effective platform to obtain a unique logo that is professionally made at an affordable rate? Then LogoMyWay should be the ultimate destination for your logo design solutions.

One of LogoMyWay’s strengths is its ability to use contests to draw in about 30,000 professional logo designers from all over the world to work on your logo project. This gives you the flexibility and peace of mind to choose from a vast pool of creative and professional talents.

Also, if you are the person who prefers the do-it-yourself approach to show your creativity, LogoMyWay offers you the tools to create your custom logo designs within a few minutes and with no technical knowledge.

To make it easy for you to go through this route, LogoMyWay provides you with an array of templates, fonts, and color schemes within their logo design library to help you transfer your logo idea into a concrete custom logo you can be proud of. They offer the following pricing packages:

  • $49.95 for standard logo design
  • $79.95 for premium logo design
  • And $200 to $1000 for contest logo design


With these packages, you are assured of the best quality logo design that will exceed your expectations. All the packages offered above come with an editable file–which means you can edit the font, color, and size to fit your brand choice.

Any company that has received an endorsement from Entrepreneur Magazine, CNBC, and Huffington Post and has designed for brands such as Red Roof Farms, Hayloft, and Pine Springs is worth doing business with.

LogoMyWay is an online logo maker that shows you the way to effective and professional branding.

#2 99designs:

To find a logo maker that excites diversity and longevity look no further than 99designs. It is an online design platform where you can get a bespoke and eye-catching logo that sets your business apart from the competition.

Many consider 99designs as a global creative platform for obtaining custom graphic designs, logos, websites, illustrations, and many more.

Similar to LogoMyWay, 99designs offers two creative ways for you to get the perfect logo designs for your business. The first is based on your project needs–99designs will help you find the best talent who will collaborate with you on the project until completion.

The second path is for you to start a logo design contest on their platform. With the contest, you have access to their creative community who will work on your project. You submit a project idea, and the creative community works on it. After the contest is over, you choose the best logo design that meets your brand preference.

99designs offers the following pricing packages:

  • $299 for bronze
  • $499 for silver
  • $899 for gold
  • And $1,299 for platinum

With over 400,000 satisfied clients you can’t go wrong with this company.

#3 Lobotz:

Unlike LogoMyWay and 99designs, Lobotz does not offer contests but creates and sells exclusive logo designs. It is an online platform that sells unique logos that you can buy and customize to fit your brand choice.

Their platform holds a variety of logo designs ranging from–eSport logos, mascot logos, contemporary logos, causal logos, animal logos, trendy logos, and many more. All logos from Lobotz are exclusive, ready to download, and customizable to suit your brand preference.

To purchase a logo, all you need to do is to register on their website, search for a keyword that relates to your business, locate the logo you want from the suggested ones, and complete the buying process by authorizing payment.

They offer the following pricing packages:

  • $129.99 for basic logo design
  • $149.99 for economy logo design
  • $179.99 for elite logo design
  • And $79.99 for logo animation

Any logo bought from Lobotz comes with an EPS four-color vector file that can be opened on any application without loss of quality. Since all logos bought from them are editable, you can customize it yourself or ask them to do it for you at no extra cost.

Lobotz transfers all copyrights of the logo design to you immediately after purchase. If a premade logo design is your preference, then Lobotz is one of the best places to buy your logo design from.

#4 LogoMood:

LogoMood, the brainchild of Melanie & Lisa McDonald cannot be ignored. And like Lobotz, it’s an online marketplace that sells premade logo designs. These professional logos created by LogoMood are of premium quality, exclusive, and ready-made for instant download after payment.

LogoMood gives you the option to search for logo designs by keyword or category. Their logo design categories include mascot, animals, fashion, photography, beauty, charity, children, religion, dental, construction, and many more.

Once you find the perfect logo design that meets your expectations, you can add a request for customization to complete your purchase. The customization includes business name, color, font, and layout for the design you have bought. It’s exciting to note that they complete customization requests within 24 hours.

After the purchase, LogoMood will send your logo design via the email address you provided at checkout and in .eps and .png format. Any extra file format you request comes at a cost. I found that most of their logo designs cost between $200 and $600.

Unlike most online logo makers that rely on diverse creative talents, logo designs on this platform are created solely by their founders–Melanie & Lisa McDonald. The aim is to keep the standard high.

To find a logo designer that captures your mood and makes your business stalwart, LogoMood is a splendid choice.

#5 The Logo Company:

Talk to the expert at the Logo Company if you want to work with a designer that inspires loyalty. With twenty (20) years of experience, the Logo Company creates and delivers top-notch logo designs in three (3) days.

To start a logo project, they require you to complete a questionnaire to help the design team have a fair idea about your project. After this, they will assign five logo designers to work on your project. This means you will have five top-notch logo designs to choose from.

The company guarantees a 100% original logo design. When you are okay with the logo design, the company will send you an editable file of your completed project. This file allows you to resize and recolor your logo design without losing its quality.

You don’t have to worry about copyright as the company will issue a certificate that transfers full ownership to you. Also, the company offers lifetime storage of your logo designs on their files for free–this means you can retrieve your logo design upon request without extra cost.

The Logo Company has the following pricing packages:

  • $199 for logo only
  • $249 for a logo + matched stationery
  • And $339 for logo + matched stationery + 500 business cards

These packages are great considering the top quality logo design you will get for your business. With twenty thousand (20,000) satisfied clients, the Logo Company is a contender in the logo design business.

All the online logo makers featured here offer 100% copyright transfer, editable file format, affordable rate, and top-notch logo design you will be proud of. If you need an instant first impression, then order your premier logo design from any of the designers listed here.