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The Fiesta Bowl logo has gone through multiple updates over its long history (the first game was played in 1971). Nevertheless, it has always featured the sun or flower symbol. In some logos, it was more visible, while in others it was half-hidden by the corporate sponsor logo attached.

Meaning and history

Fiesta Bowl Logo history

1971 – 1995

Fiesta Bowl Logo-1971
The original Fiesta Bowl badge was designed in 1971 and stayed untouched for two decades. It was a very bright yet simple logo, with the stylized graphical elements resembling a flower or an Aztec sun, drawn in yellow, orange, and red above the two leveled logotype in the uppercase of a sand-serif typeface. The inscription was set in red, with its letters placed pretty far from each other.

1986 – 1990

Fiesta Bowl Logo-1986
The redesign of 1986 kept the graphical emblem unchanged, but made it slightly smaller, giving the main part to the rewritten inscription. It was now executed in a bold and smooth italicized typeface, in a title case. The upper level in bright yellow featured “Sunkist”, while the bottom red one — “Fiesta Bowl”, which was written in one line, having a wide space between the two words.

1996 – 2006

Fiesta Bowl Logo-1996
The Fiesta Bowl logo was redesigned again in 1996. This time the main hero of the badge was the emblem of the bowl’s sponsor, Tostitos. Its bold stylized black logotype was set on a white banner with a blue outline, set over the iconic orange and red Aztec sun emblem. The uppercase “Fiesta Bowl” inscription was placed under the Tostitos insignia, and written in a stylized bold font, with the letters jumping on a bright yellow background, and underlined by a red zig-zag line.

2007 – 2013

Fiesta Bowl Logo-2007
The only change made in 2007 was about the color palette of the Fiesta Bowl logo. All shades got brightened up and intensified, with the bodies of the “Fiesta Bowl” inscription plain and flat, unlike the patterned ones from the previous version. The Tostitos emblem was also refined: a triangular yellow chips image was added above the red dot of the letter “I”, just like the official logo of the brand, which was redesigned in the same year.


Fiesta Bowl Logo-2014
In 2014 Vizio became the bowl’s sponsor, so the logo is getting redesigned. For that season it featured a modern red crest with a double red and white outline, a white Vizio logotype on top, a half of the iconic Aztec sun above the crest, and the smooth and elegant white “Fiesta Bowl” inscription slightly arched and written over the dark orange ribbon, coming through the center of the crest. The bottom part was decorated with a white chevron with a triangle pointing down.


Fiesta Bowl Logo-2015
The sponsor has changed again in 2015, thus the logo was redrawn for the season. The composition was slightly simplified and now the two arched banners were set one above the other with the enlarged half of the Aztec sun on the background. The upper banner was executed in white and outlined in blue and green, featuring a navy blue stylized “Battlefrog” logotype in a custom modern font. As for the bottom line, it was wider and boasted a solid red color, with the white cursive “Fiesta Bowl” lettering on it.

2016 – Today

Fiesta Bowl Logo
PlayStation becomes the new sponsor of the bowl in 2016, and the new logo is being introduced in the same year. A horizontally stretched blue and white crest has a wide blue banner with the sponsor’s logotype written over it in white, the red outlined cursive “Fiesta Bowl” inscription arched under it, and the signifier of the bowl, the Aztec sun, drawn over a solid blue circle and placed on the bottom of the crest. The upper part of the badge featured a blue landscape image with a lonely cactus, which was crossing the triple outline of the logo on its upper border.