D-Link Logo

D-Link Logo
The logotype of the Taiwanese networking equipment manufacturer D-Link is based on the brand’s name given in an unusual custom script.

Meaning and History logo

D-Link logo history

The earliest logotypes didn’t contain the current name – hardly a surprise, taking into consideration that the D-Link Corporation was originally called Datex Systems Inc. and got its current name only in 1992.


D-Link symbol
Probably the most distinctive design element of the logo is the letter “D,” which has a rather unusual shape. It can be used on itself as an icon. In addition to the wordmark, the logotype includes the motto “Building Networks for People.”


D-Link emblem
The primary color is teal (hex: #0087A9, PMS: 3145 C). The list of additional colors that can be used on the logo includes white for the background, black (in case of the black-and-white palette), and grey (hex: #CCCCCC).


The unusual custom typography featured on the D-Link logo is its highlight. The company recommends using the Myriad font family for its designed print communications.