Planet Fitness Logo

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Planet Fitness is a fitness-centers chain, founded in 1992 in the USA and today having more than 1,5 thousand clubs across the world. The company works mainly as a franchisee and covers all the continents.

Meaning and history

The Planet Fitness logo is colorful and recognizable. It is composed of an emblem with a wordmark placed in it.

The emblem features a black gear shape, with the inner purple circle, from which the big yellow thumb is coming out. Both the circle and the thumb are grainy which adds dynamic to the overall logo.

Planet Fitness Logo

The wordmark is placed under the thumb and written in all lowercase lettering. The bold modern typeface looks bright in white, creating a good contrast with a dark background.

The Planet Fitness color palette consists of four colors: black, purple, yellow and white. The combination of black and purple creates a strong and confident feeling, while yellow adds energy and progressive mood. The white of the nameplate is a symbol of unity and loyalty.

The Planet Fitness logo is very bright, but it works as a great eye-catching element of the brand’s visual identity. The emblem is instantly recognizable and reflects a powerful brand.