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Crunch Fitness is a brand of a gym-chain, which was established by Dough Levine in 1989 in the USA, and today has more than 300 locations across the country, as well as in Australia and Canada.

Meaning and history

Crunch Fitness Logo history

1989 – 1990

Crunch Fitness Logo-1989
The very first badge for Crunch Fitness was designed in 1989 and only stayed active for a few months, being redrawn and redesigned already in 1990. The initial logo boasted a bright and strong purple and yellow color palette, where the sharp yellow banner with the black uppercase sans-serif “Crunch” lettering was clenched in a dark purple and black fist. It was a representation of strength, reflecting the essence of the brand.

1990 – Today

Logo Crunch Fitness

The Crunch Fitness visual identity is dynamic and masculine, it is a perfect reflection of the gym’s approach and the strong character of the brand. The Crunch Fitness logo is composed of a wordmark clenched in a fist. It is a celebration of power and energy.

The bold custom typeface of a wordmark is sharp and modern, you can hear it crunches in a strong fist. It’s white thick lettering in all-caps of the sans-serif font is outlined in blue and looks bright and confident.

The fist is colored blue, which created a good balance with the wordmark and adds freshness to the whole logo. The brand also uses an orange and red color palette for its visual identity, and it adds more energy and passion to the emblem.

Crunch Fitness Logo

The Crunch Fitness logo is aggressive and brutal yet very motivating. It shows the main value of the company — building a strong body and doing everything so that their clients could see the result fast.