Orangetheory Fitness Logo

Orangetheory Fitness LogoOrangetheory Fitness Logo PNG

Orangetheory Fitness is an American gym chain, which has franchises across the globe. The company was founded in 2010 and today has its branded studios in more than 20 countries of Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Meaning and history

The Orarangetheory Fitness name is based on the gym’s program philosophy — “the orange effect” which is synonymous to afterburner. The club’s classes are built in the way that you boost your methanol is a man’s energy while bouncing between them.

The Orangetheory visual identity is a great reflection of the company’s name and style. It is composed of a wordmark in three different styles, with the brand’s emblem replacing one of the letters.

The upper part of the logo depicts “Orangetheory” inscription, where the left part is bold and strong, executed in orange color, and the right, “theory” part, is red and features thinner and more elegant sans-serif typeface.

Orangetheory Fitness Logo

The “Fitness” in all capitals is written underneath it in a gray sharp sans-serif font.

The first “O” of the nameplate is replaces with a stylized image of the fat cell at the time of its exploding. It is a three-dimensional circle with four rays, placed in half-turn.

The Orangetheory logo is bright and recognizable, it looks modern, even futuristic, and represents the brand and its main values perfectly.