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The Copper Bowl is an annual college football bowl game, established in 1989. It showcases teams from various universities competing in an exciting gridiron showdown. Owned by a prominent sports organization, the Copper Bowl is hosted in a renowned stadium located in the heart of a vibrant American city. For seven years, it was played annually under the name of the Copper Bowl before being renamed to the Bowl.

Meaning and history

Logo Copper Bowl

While the Copper Bowl logo is far from an ideal sports emblem, it looks very recognizable. On the one hand, the letters are very bold and there is little breathing space between them, due to which the name of the bowl is hardly legible. The creative holes in the letters only spoil legibility even more.

And yet, the green cactuses inside the “O’s” look somewhat unusual and memorable. What is more, they help to create a link with the place where the game was played, Tucson, Arizona.

What is Copper Bowl?
Copper Bowl is an American college football bowl game. It is an annual event where two college football teams compete for victory.

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