Fort Worth Bowl Logo

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The palette of the Fort Worth Bowl logo is pretty dark and gloomy. It is dominated by black with a smaller surface occupied by red. You can also see several white elements, but they are not enough to bring some light to the sinister design.

The emblem can be broken down into two parts: the black plate housing the lettering “Fort Worth Bowl” in red over the black background and a red star.

Meaning and history

Fort Worth Bowl Logo history

The name the Fort Worth Bowl refers to the annual postseason college football bowl game held from 2003 to 2005 in the Amon G. Carter Stadium in Fort Worth, Texas. It is currently known as the Armed Forces Bowl.

2003 – 2004

Fort Worth Bowl Logo 2003
The original Fort Worth Bowl badge, created in 2003, featured a masculine and dramatic red, black and white composition with the black rectangular banner overlapped by a red five-pointed star on the right. In the center of the Star, there was a white and gray Bull’s head, while the black banner featured foul lines of lettering, with the top one in white, boasting the name of the sponsor, Plains Capital, and the name of the bowl written in red heavy capitals with a white outline.


Fort Worth Bowl logo
In 2005 the logo of the bowl was slightly refined, with the name of the sponsor being removed, hence the black banner became narrower, while the star remained untouched. And this has made the badge look more geometrically balanced and interesting.