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Just like with our real emotions, emoji from the standard Unicode set are divided into unambiguous and non-obvious. After all, sometimes the feelings we experience can be expressed in different ways. One such emotion, in our opinion, is the feeling of confusion. In the set of emoji available on different devices and platforms there are several emoticons with which this emotion can be expressed. Namely:

Not That I Care Emoji

😐 The “Not That I Care” emoticon was assigned the code U+1F610, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

Confused Emoji

😕 The “Confused” emoticon was assigned the code U+1F615, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of Unicode 6.1 in 2012.

Mouth Skewed Emoji

🫤 The “Mouth Skewed” emoticon was assigned the code U+1FAE4, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of Unicode Standard 14.0 in 2021.

Thinking face

🤔 The “Thinking” emoticon has been assigned the code U+1F914, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of Unicode Standard 8.0 in 2015.

Meaning of the Confused Emoji

Confusion as a quality of personality – the tendency to get into a situation in which everything is uncertain, vague or confusing, vague, when a person cannot act with full clarity and full understanding; to show in difficult situations embarrassment, awkwardness, confusion bordering on confusion. So what emoticons can be used to express these feelings? We have already indicated our choice above.

In fact, by looking at these emoji, you can already understand the emotions that the interlocutor wants to express by sending one of these images. But there can be several interpretations. First, immediately comes to mind an attempt to make a choice, from which there is a kind of confusion and indecision. They can also reflect the emotional state of an uncomfortable situation, with a tinge of doubt.

So, all these emoticons have several meanings that, for the most part, can be attributed to the same gamut of emotions:

  • First, they can be used when you are in doubt about what choice to make.
  • Second, they can mean embarrassment, confusion, uncertainty, and confusion.

Confused Emojis

The Use of the Confused Emoji

In general, the emoji on our list today may reflect doubt about an upcoming important event: What if it doesn’t match? What if it doesn’t?

They can also be used to describe the surprise of a coincidence. They express a kind of Contradiction with a share of great doubt: Will it coincide, will it not coincide? Will it fit, will it not fit? Do I need it or not? Is it Right or Wrong?

Also emoticons from this category are associated with an attempt to justify and escape from a difficult situation, as well as to convince the interlocutor of one’s sincerity. They can convey an emotional state of worry about the accuracy and correctness of something, thereby emphasizing insecurity.

Use these emoji to complement messages where you’re not exactly sure which side to take, or which choice to make. You can also use one of these emoji to show that you need some time to think about it, because you are not yet ready to give a confident answer.


Many new symbols are appearing all the time. Today, communication on key stationary and mobile platforms widely use this eloquent separate language consisting of graphic ideograms and cute emoticons. And not every emoji can be applied only for a specific emotion. And today we have a closer look at emoticons and, suitable for such an emotion as Confused. As you can see, there is not just one icon, which can help you in depicting this complicated feeling, so choose the one, that suits you more and make sure your interlocutor understands you correctly.

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