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Emoji are icons that symbolize a person’s mood, his emotions, as well as depicting a variety of objects, together capable of depicting even individual life situations form the so-called graphic language.

Today we are going to talk about a group of emoticons that are often used in both everyday and work correspondence and posts, namely, Calendar Emoji. Of course, everything is quite banal here, and these emoji don’t hide any hidden nuances, however, we have something to tell you about them.

📅 The Calendar emoticon was assigned the code U+1F4C5, with which it was added to the Unicode 6.0 Objects section in 2010.

📆 The “Tear-off Calendar” emoticon was assigned the code U+1F4C6, with which it was added to the Unicode 6.0 standard objects section in 2010.

🗓️ The “Flip Calendar” emoticon was assigned the code U+1F5D3 U+FE0F, with which it was added to the Unicode 7.0 Objects section in 2014.

Meaning of the Calendar Emoji

Calendar Emoji

Although the standard Unicode set offers as many as three variants of the Calendar emoji, only one of them does not display a specific date. On the other two we can see a specific day – July 17. So why did the designers decide to capture this particular date?

It turns out that July 17 is World Emoji Day. The date was first used by Apple as a reference to the premiere of iCal for Mac at MacWorld Expo in 2002. Since 2014, Emojipedia has been celebrating World Emoji Day on July 17 because of this emoji.

The holiday is unofficial, but its popularity is growing very quickly due to the very environment in which the phenomenon to which it is dedicated originated and continues to evolve.

Celebrated since 2014, the holiday even has its own website, inviting everyone to join in the celebration of the day by participating in flash mobs, using social networks and any opportunities provided by the Internet.

Of course, July 17 on the calendar emoji is present on most platforms and messengers, but there are exceptions. For example, WhatsApp has a different date written on the calendar emoji – February 24. Why February 24? The co-founder of WhatsApp is Jan Koum, who was born just on February 24. But WhatsApp itself was also founded on February 24.

Twitter too used to use its founding date, March 21, for the emoji calendar earlier, however, the platform later changed it to July 17.

The Use of the Calendar Emoji

Emoji Calendar

So, the calendar emoji can be used to mark an important date, or a planned meeting or date. You can often find this emoji in work emails, when you need to finish a report by a certain date, or prepare for a meeting.

For schoolchildren and students, this emoji is also extremely relevant and is often used in the context of exams and tests.

Most often, the Calendar emoji is still used in an “official way”, because for more cheerful dates users prefer to use more colorful emoji iconsch In addition, emoji icons with a specified date are also an homage to emoji in general, indicating the World Emoji Day.


July 17 marks an unusual, in many ways amusing holiday – World Emoji Day, dedicated to the ultra-popular in modern society pictograms, ideograms and emoticons used in electronic communication. This is the date on two of the three emoji Calendar. But that doesn’t mean that you can only use these emoticons in the context of celebrating this holiday.

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