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While the history of the Commonwealth Coast Football (CCC Football) started in 1965, it was only in 2017 that it started to operate under its current name. Before that, it was known as the New England Football Conference.

Meaning and history

Commonwealth Coast Football Logo history

What is Commonwealth Coast Football?
Commonwealth Coast Football is the intercollegiate football conference, which was established in 1965, and is affiliated with the third division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The organization consists of seven college members, which only compete in men’s football.


Commonwealth Coast Football Logo old
The Commonwealth Coast Football logo can be broken down into two parts. First, there is an icon featuring five circles of varying sizes. One of the circles is blue; another circle is white, while the other two are red. The circles are placed one over another. At the forefront, there is a blue football.

To the right, there is the lettering “Commonwealth Coast Football” in dark blue.


Commonwealth Coast Football logo
After the redesign, the blue, red, and white color palette of the Commonwealth Coast Football Conference was kept but intensified. As for the composition of the badge, it was completely changed, although the symbol, reminding of the previous version was present at the bottom part of the new logo. The new badge of the CC Football Conference features a white crest in a thick blue outline, with the stylized red, white and blue “CCC” abbreviation, enclosed into a horizontal oval composed of three lines. At the bottom the oval is overlapped by a circular emblem, reminding the one from the previous badge — with three “C”s forming half of a circle, framing the red rugby ball.