Cars brands and logos that start with O

Cars that start with O

Everyone’s familiar with Opel, and there’s a few other big car brands that start with this letter. There aren’t too many of them, but those in use are very memorable. Germans in particular like this character.

What supercar starts with O?
Mercedes-AMG One (or AMG One) is a sports car on release in 2022. It’s a hybrid vehicle with a powerful engine. It means One can combine power and noiselessness.

What expensive cars start with O?
Packard One and Packard One-Twenty are cars produced by the American Packard Company in the 30s and 40s. They were somewhat expensive vehicles for personal use. Packard itself is still functional.

What car brands that start with O?
Opel is one of the most prominent German carmakers. It was established in 1862 and was amongst the first in the car industry. Family cars are their specialty nowadays.


logo Opel

Opel is a famous German car company that started operating in 1862 and released the first car in 1898. Most of their modern cars are either crossovers or general use sedans, although they are also known for powerful, compact cars. They use a horizontal lightning bolt inside a thin ring as their primary emblem.


logo Oldsmobile

Oldsmobile was a big American carmaker operating under General Motors since 1908. Until 2004 (when they went down), the company mostly made compact and mid-sized cars, preferring sedans over others. Oldsmobile’s long-term logo is a ring with two ends detaching and going diagonally from the bottom left to top right corner.


logo Oakland

Oakland was one of the many GM subsidiaries, bought in 1909 and discarded in 1931. Their cars were mostly luxury, powerful cars that rivaled Pontiacs.


logo Obvio

Obvio! is a Brazilian carmaker that started production in 2001. The name means ‘obviously!’ in English. The company made minicars prevalently.


logo ODA

‘Oda’ is a nickname for IZh-2126, the Soviet-Russian car by Lada Izhevsk. It’s a compact hatchback car manufactured in 1990-2005.


logo Ogle

Ogle Design is a British company that made cars in 1959-62. The majority of these were compact cars based on Mini and Daimler models.

Ohta Jidosha

logo Ohta Jidosha

Ohto Jidosha was a Japanese company that made cars between 1934 and 1957, although it existed for 12 years before that. They made trucks and very compact cars.


logo OKA

Oka is a Russian brand of extremely compact cars built in 1988-2008 by several companies.


logo O.S.C.A.

Officine Specializzate Costruzione Automobili was an Italian car manufacturer active between 1947 and 1967. They mostly produced sports cars and racing models.

OKA Australia

OKA Motor Company was an Australian carmaker in 1986-2011. Operating out of heavily deserted Western Australia, they mostly made trucks and buses for off-road driving.


logo OM

Officine Meccaniche was an Italian carmaker active between 1899 and 1975. The company produced touring and racing cars, as well as several truck models.

Opel India

logo Opel India

Opel India was a subsidiary production of the Indian branch of General Motors. Between 1996 and 2006, they’ve built 3 versions of Open Corsa (minicars) and a few other compact models specifically for Indian market.

Orca Engineering

logo Orca

Orca was a short-lived carmaker from Lichtenstein from 2003 until 2007. Their products included several models of sports cars, built in several exemplars.


logo OSI

Officine Stampaggi Industriali was an Italian carmaker active in the 60s. They made modifications of the popular Ford and Alfa Romeo cars.

Osterreichische Austro-Fiat

logo Osterreichische Austro-Fiat

Osterreichische Austro-Fiat (or OAF) is an Austrian car manufacturer founded in 1907. The company makes trucks, including vehicles for military use.


logo Otomo

Otomo was an early Japanese car manufactured in 1924-27. It came in several variations, but was generally considered a high-performance vehicle.


logo Overland

Overland Automobile Company was an American car manufacturer in 1903-1926. They made a variety of cars, but mainly racing and touring models. They were transformed into Willys-Overland later.

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