Cars brands and logos that start with N

Cars that start with N
There aren’t too many auto brands starting with the letter ‘N’. Nissan is the only top-tier brand of note. Besides that, there are also plenty of smaller carmakers with this letter in front.

What supercar starts with N?
NSX is a Japanese sports car produced in 1990 by Honda & Acura, their subsidiary. It was released until 2005, when it was discontinued. The modern version called NFX Type-S is being released in 2022.

What expensive cars start with N?
Rimac Nevera is an electric sports car produced by Rimac in 2021. Besides being eco-friendly, it’s also incredibly fast. All of it makes it one of the most expensive models at the moment.

What car brands that start with N?
Nissan is one of the biggest car brands in the world. It’s a Japanese carmaker, founded in 1933. The bulk of their production is mostly crossovers now.


logo Nissan

Nissan is one of the big Japanese car brands. The company was founded in 1933 to build a variety of affordable cars. Right now, they mostly build crossovers, some trucks and also usual passenger cars, some with electric engines. Their usual emblem is a ring with a rectangle plaque in the middle bearing the company’s name.


logo Neoplan

Neoplan is a key German manufacturer buses and similar vehicles. They are active since 1935, and right now their buses are exported to many countries in Europe and outside. Their name with joined characters is their usual emblem and logo.

N H Buchanan Motor Co

logo N H Buchanan Motor

Buchanan was an Australian carmaker in 1956-1961. They made several kit sports cars, which means these models were to be assembled by customers.


logo NAG

Nationale Automobil-Gesellschaft (NAG) was a German carmaker in 1901-1934. In this time, they’ve made a few successful touring models, as well as trucks.

Nagant & Cie, Liege

logo Nagant

Nagant is a Belgian firm known particularly for their firearms. It was established in 1859 and by 1900 they also started making cars. The production ended 28 years later.


logo NAMCO

National Motor Company of Greece (NAMCO) is a carmaker established in Greece in 1972. Since then, they’ve created several successful models of crossovers, trucks and utility vehicles.


logo Nardi

Nardi was an Italian car manufacturer founded in 1932. Most of their products were racing and sports cars, many using parts from other brands.


logo Nash

Frazer Nash is an originally British brand of sports cars started in 1922. It’s currently owned by Porsche, although they don’t make many models nowadays, save for a concept called FN Namir.


logo Nasr

Nasr is an Egyptian car company founded in 1960. The cars they’ve made since then were largely compact vehicles sold at affordable prices for popular use.


logo National

National Motor Vehicle Company was an American carmaker between 1900 and 1923. They made early electric cars, as well as the usual passenger models of the time.


logo Navistar

Navistar is an American vehicle manufacturer established in 1986. Prior to their inception, they were called International Harvester. Then, they made agricultural vehicles. Now, they make trucks and buses.


logo NAZ

Nakhichivan Automobile Plant (aka NAZ) is an Azerbaijani carmaker established in 2006. Their primary products are various compact cars of the Lifan brand.


logo Nazzaro

Nazzaro is an old Italian racing car produced first in 1913. There are only a few of these cars left in existence now.


logo Neorion Chicago

Neorion is an old engineering company from Greece that also made automobiles between 1972 and 1976. They’ve produced several luxury and light cars in that period.


Netuar was a South African carmaker that made racing cars between 1961 and 1967 in total. These were small open-wheel cars that used Peugeot and Alfa Romeo engines.


logo NIO

NIO is a Chinese car manufacturer established in 2014. Their current lineup includes electric cars, including several crossovers and a sports car EP9.


logo Nismo

Nismo is a subsidiary of Nissan established in 1984. Their one purpose is to tune the usual Nissan models for motorsport and generally give them better performance.


logo Noble

Noble is a small British sports car producer founded in 1999. They’ve created 6 generations of their cars (as of 2021), most hand-built and very powerful supercars.


logo Norton

Norton is a producer of high-performance motorcycles initially formed in 1898 and then revived in 2008. Current models include several modern sports models and some retro-styled exemplars.

Norsk Automobil & Vagnfabrik AS

logo Norsk Automobil

Norks was a short-lived car manufacturer from Norway in 1908-11. The one car they designed was a light, carriage-like automobile.


logo NSU

NSU was an engineering company founded in 1873. Their automotive production started in 1905 and ended in the 70s with the company. Their trademark cars were small, compact vehicles.


Nyayo was a project of the Kenyan government. These were supposed to be the first Kenyan cars ever. The concept cars were built in late 80s, but it never progressed any further.


logo Nysa

Nysa was a small van produced by the Polish carmaker FSC in the 50-90s. It was mainly used by government for many purposes.