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While the Boca Raton Bowl logo is not very unique, its joyful holiday mood places it among the logos that are pleasant to look at. How has the design team achieved this effect?

Meaning and history

Boca Raton Bowl Logo history


Boca Raton Bowl Logo-2014


Boca Raton Bowl Logo-2015


Boca Raton Bowl Logo-2016

2017 – Today

Boca Raton Bowl Logo


To begin with, we should mention the choice of colors. The transparent teal with white nuances brings to mind the images of transparent water and warm lagoons. The two palms may be a totally generic choice, yet it is a good way to make the “tropic” theme as apparent as possible. We should also take into consideration the selection of the typeface, which only reinforces the holiday island feel. The design is placed inside a football, which reminds of the fact that the logo belongs to a football bowl.