30+ Best Rums Brands and Logos

Popular Rum Brands

In the effervescent world of spirits, a brand’s essence is often encapsulated not only in the taste of its offerings – from the best rums bursting with notes of vanilla, molasses, and caramel – but also in the visual allure of its emblem. Rum, with its rich tapestry of pirates, plantations, and naval conquests, presents a particularly fascinating canvas for the art of logo design. Each brand’s logo acts as a heraldic badge, narrating tales of heritage, craftsmanship, and the lands of their origin, be it the sugar cane fields of Trinidad or the historic rum distilleries of Jamaica.

From the sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean, where mojitos and daiquiris reign supreme, to the volcanic soils of Central America, the logos of rum brands reflect the diversity of flavors inherent in the spirit itself. They are not just commercial trademarks but storied symbols, meticulously crafted to evoke the senses and invoke the spirits of their origins, whether aged in bourbon barrels or infused with the tropical essence of banana and lime.

Consider the seductive script of a logo that conjures images of sugar cane swaying in tropical breezes, evoking the smooth palate of an aged rum, or the bold typeface that speaks of age-old traditions and the robust character of Jamaican rum. Some logos are time capsules, encapsulating the legacy of rum’s colonial past with emblems and crests, while others are odes to modernity, embracing sleek, clean lines resonant with contemporary aesthetics in regions as varied as Venezuela, France, and Australia.

The artistry of these logos extends beyond their visual appeal, anchoring the brands in the cultural fabric of their respective locales and the palates of connoisseurs worldwide. They communicate silently, a visual tasting note to the unspoken promise of quality and adventure that lies within each bottle of white rum, honey-laced rum, or the finest selections of rum from around the globe.

In this exploration, we delve into the captivating world of rum logos, where every curve, color, and font is a brushstroke in the story of the world’s most storied spirit. Each logo is not merely a mark of quality but a flag under which rum enthusiasts unite, a beacon for those seeking the essence of a tropical sunset in their glass.

Appleton Estate

Appleton Estate Logo

Amidst the verdant Nassau Valley in Jamaica, Appleton Estate has been distilling exquisite rums since the mid-18th century, establishing itself as one of the oldest sugar estates and distilleries in the Caribbean. The visual identity of Appleton Estate is encapsulated in a logo that radiates elegance through its use of a classic serif font, embodying the brand’s rich legacy. The prominence of the “Appleton” name in the logo is designed to capture immediate attention, signifying the brand’s robust reputation. Capitalization of “ESTATE” imparts a sense of solidity and a deep-rooted presence. With “JAMAICA RUM” boldly declared, there is no mistaking the proud heritage and category of this premium spirit.


logo Bacardi

Bacardi’s journey began over a century and a half ago in Santiago de Cuba, and today it stands as the most celebrated rum producer worldwide. The Bacardi insignia is an emblem of pride, with its contemporary sans-serif font and the legendary Bacardi bat unfurling its wings, an emblem of good luck and familial cohesion. The stark contrast of the red and black hues within the logo echoes the brand’s vibrant spirit and fervor. “MARCA DE FÁBRICA”, circling the bat, pays homage to the company’s foundational strength, while the subtle placement of the trademark symbol underscores the genuineness and integrity of the Bacardi brand.


Barceló Logo

Ron Barcelo, hailing from the Dominican Republic, has ascended to international acclaim through its devotion to the art of aging and blending fine rums. The brand’s logo is crowned with a noble lion, regally depicted amidst an array of intricate line work that suggests regality and historical significance. This lion, a beacon of power and prestige, clutches a sprig symbolizing tranquility and peace. The emblem, reminiscent of an ancient seal, lends a mark of authenticity and trust to the brand. Below this, the name “BARCELÓ” stands with confidence, complemented by “RON DOMINICANO”, which proudly affirms the rum’s Dominican roots. The monochromatic theme of the logo speaks volumes of the brand’s timeless elegance.


Barrell Logo

Barrell Craft Spirits, nestled in the innovative heart of the American distilling landscape, is renowned for its unique approach to bottling exceptional rums, sourced and blended from various renowned distilleries around the globe. The logo of Barrell Craft Spirits cleverly melds the initial ‘b’ into the imagery of a barrel, with horizontal lines creating an abstract yet evocative image of the staves that shape the very casks used in aging their spirits. The brand’s name, presented in assertive capital letters beneath this symbol, underscores the artisanal ethos that Barrell brings to its limited-edition concoctions.


Brugal Logo

Brugal, with a legacy spanning more than a century in the Dominican Republic, has mastered a distillation process that yields a rum of unparalleled clarity and smoothness, enjoying adulation both domestically and on the world stage. The Brugal logo communicates its storied past and dedication to excellence through a golden serif typography, suggesting both opulence and timeless quality. The emblematic shield, split with hues of blue and red, is a proud nod to its Dominican heritage and the meticulous care poured into the creation of its rum. The embossed gold of the lettering catches the light, reminiscent of the rich, golden hues of aged Brugal rum in a glass.

Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan logo

Captain Morgan, with a name inspired by the legendary Caribbean buccaneer Sir Henry Morgan, has become synonymous with bold flavors and the spirited joy of mixology. Its logo is an artful blend of typography and lore, with a typeface that evokes the romanticism of high seas adventure and the swashbuckling era of piracy. The striking combination of black, red, and white within the logo captures the eye, while shadows and highlights lend the words a tactile presence. Each element of the Captain Morgan logo, from the stylized lettering to the vibrant color scheme, serves to embody the adventurous and rebellious spirit that has long been associated with the brand and its seafaring namesake.

Chairman’s Reserve

Chairman's Reserve Logo

Chairman’s Reserve, an illustrious rum from Saint Lucia, encapsulates the island’s profound rum-making tradition through a harmonious fusion of pot and column still rums matured in oak barrels. The logo of Chairman’s Reserve is a seal of excellence, employing a serif font that exudes tradition and quality. Encircling the distinguished typeface is the inscription “Saint Lucia Distillers”, anchoring the brand’s identity to its geographical roots. Above, the emblematic Pitons are graphically stylized, symbolizing Saint Lucia’s majestic landscape, while the declaration “Finest Saint Lucia Rum” beneath the seal confirms the unrivaled quality of the spirit. The logo’s black and gold colors weave a narrative of luxury and prestige, reflecting the opulent nature of Chairman’s Reserve.


Clement Logo

Rhum Clément, with its origins deeply rooted in the terroir of Martinique at Habitation Clément, stands as a paragon of agricole rum production, abiding by the stringent standards of French AOC regulations. The Clément logo is an artistic expression of heritage, with a fluid script that whispers the tales of bygone craftsmanship. The choice of “Rhum”, respecting the French lexicon, signifies a dedication to the authenticity and standards of French-speaking rum-producing regions. The monochromatic scheme of the logo channels a timeless elegance, positioning the Clément name at the forefront as a benchmark of excellence within the agricole rum genre.

Coconut Cartel

Coconut Cartel Logo

Coconut Cartel Special emerges as an inventive concoction, a brainchild inspired by Miami’s vibrant beachfront ethos, merging dark rum from Central America with the refreshing essence of coconut water. The logo mirrors this inventive spirit, showcasing twin abstract forms that hint at coconuts or tropical foliage, basked in the warmth of a sunny yellow and the tranquility of a soft pink. These hues capture the essence of tropical freshness and the innovative inclusion of coconut water in the rum. “COCONUT CARTEL”, displayed in a robust contemporary font, commands attention, while “Special”, scrawled with the spontaneity of a handwritten note, adds a layer of exclusivity and handcrafted allure to the brand’s visual identity.


Dictador Logo

Dictador, a name that has graced the shores of Colombia since 1913, is synonymous with a spectrum of rum that is aged under the meticulous watch of the solera system, offering a taste that is as profound as its heritage. The logo of Dictador commands respect, featuring a typeface with serifs that speak of tradition and a commanding presence. Atop the ‘i’, a solitary star glistens, a subtle yet potent symbol of the rum’s standing above the ordinary. The declaration “Colombian Rum Since 1913” is presented with a modest flair, honoring the brand’s historic roots and inviting connoisseurs to partake in a tradition steeped in Colombian rum craftsmanship.


Diplomático Logo

Diplomático, a spirit of Venezuelan origin, carries within each bottle a legacy as rich as the rum it protects, a concoction celebrated for its intricate complexity and seamless smoothness. At the heart of Diplomático’s logo lies a venerable portrait, framed in an intricately designed oval, a testament to the brand’s storied past and commitment to refinement. The logo’s grand scrollwork whispers of a bygone elegance, while the stately “DIPLOMÁTICO” in block letters stands guard. The choice of a deep, verdant banner suggests the robust character of the rum, mirroring the lush Venezuelan terroir from which it hails.

Don Q

Don Q Logo

From the sun-soaked lands of Puerto Rico, Don Q rises as an emblem of sustainable distillation, with its roots tracing back to the 19th century. The logo is a striking ode to identity, with a grand “Q” taking center stage, its flourish embodying the spirit and elegance of the brand. “DON”, set boldly above, asserts the name’s legacy, while the familial “Serralles” and the locale “Ciudad Ponce” are gracefully inscribed, anchoring the brand to its roots. The interplay of regal blue and gold in the logo echoes Don Q’s commitment to excellence, a harmony of tradition and modernity that Don Q encapsulates within each crafted bottle.

El Dorado

El Dorado Logo

El Dorado, with its roots deeply planted in the fertile soils of Guyana, is a revered producer of Demerara rums, known for their distinctive, rich essence, a result of aging in oak barrels. The brand’s logo is a visual homage to opulence, with a typeface adorned with serif that communicates the timelessness and dignity of a classic lineage. Gilded accents encircle the text, evoking the allure of the eponymous mythical city of gold, while the palette of black and gold weaves a narrative of sophistication and rarity, paralleling the brand’s name with the elusive splendor of El Dorado.


Facundo Logo

Facundo, emerging from the revered lineage of the Bacardi family, unveils a collection of rums that epitomize luxury from the Bahamas. Its logo is a testament to minimalist elegance, employing a cursive script that is personal yet exudes sophistication. The backdrop of pristine white against the lustrous gold reflects the high-end essence of the brand, with the name “RUM” subtly inscribed below in a serif font, complementing without overshadowing the dominant brand name. This emblem speaks to an audience with discerning tastes, seeking an elevated rum experience that Facundo so artfully provides.

Flor de Caña

Flor de Caña Logo

Flor de Caña, a symbol of sustainable practices and carbon-neutral commitment from Nicaragua, crafts its rums naturally, eschewing sugars, additives, or artificial enhancements. The brand’s logo is the embodiment of fluidity and finesse, with script lettering that flows with the same smoothness as its rum. The stylized “F” and “C” in the logo are a nod to the brand’s dynamic nature, while the emblem of a simple volcano above the brand name is a salute to the fiery Nicaraguan spirit that fuels the creation of Flor de Caña. Navy blue dominates the logo, instilling a sense of premium quality that is intrinsic to the brand’s philosophy and the natural purity of their rums.


Goslings Logo

Goslings, a brand steeped in Bermudian tradition, is renowned for its dark rums that have become the backbone of the celebrated ‘Dark ‘n Stormy’ cocktail. The Goslings logo is an evocative symbol of its heritage, featuring the storied “Black Seal” – an image that has become an intrinsic part of the brand’s identity. The seal, poised and balancing a rum barrel, set against a backdrop reminiscent of vintage parchment or a time-worn coin, speaks volumes of tradition and longstanding quality. The banner boldly declares “BERMUDA BLACK RUM”, reinforcing the brand’s deep ties to 1806, the year of its inception. The striking contrast of red and gold with the black emblem draws the eye, signaling a rum of exceptional caliber.

Havana Club

Havana Club logo

Havana Club captures the essence of Cuban legacy through its production of genuine Cuban rum, a spirit that mirrors the rich, smooth flavor that is as Cuban as the history and culture it springs from. The logo of Havana Club bursts with the energy of Cuba, displaying a sun emblem that calls to mind the lush climate essential to the rum’s maturation. The “Havana Club” script dances with the same rhythm as the undulating waves on Havana’s coastlines, while “EL RON DE CUBA” asserts the rum’s authentic Cuban origins with confident capital letters. The palette of red and yellow colors channels the fervor and zest of Cuba’s vibrant culture.

Holmes Cay

Holmes Cay Logo

Holmes Cay presents a curated collection of single cask rums, each a limited edition tribute to the globe’s varied rum-making traditions. The logo of Holmes Cay is defined by its clean, bold typeface that conveys a contemporary and straightforward ethos. Emphasizing the phrase “SINGLE CASK RUM”, the brand accentuates its dedication to selectivity and individuality. The chosen colors, black and orange, convey a polished yet adventurous spirit, mirroring the exclusive and distinctive nature of the rums Holmes Cay brings to the world of spirits connoisseurs.


Koloa Logo

Kōloa Rum Company, originating from the lush landscapes of Hawaii, crafts its premium rums using local sugarcane and pristine water, capturing the island’s spirit in every bottle. The logo of Kōloa Rum Company is a picturesque window into Hawaiian heritage, depicting a traditional homestead nestled among towering palm trees, a serene homage to the rum’s birthplace on Kauai. The logo’s arched typography, “Kōloa Rum Co.”, evokes a prideful legacy, while the designation “PREMIUM HAWAIIAN RUM” below, etched in a no-nonsense font, confidently asserts the brand’s superior quality and island roots.

Mount Gay

Mount Gay Logo

Mount Gay, steeped in the history of Barbados since 1703, stands as the most venerable running rum distillery on the globe, renowned for its rums of unparalleled complexity and flavor, crafted through generations-old methods. The logo of Mount Gay is a testament to its storied past, with bold, unadorned lettering that declares its heritage and place of origin with authority. The straightforward inscription “Barbados Rum EST 1703” pays homage to the brand’s deep-rooted Barbadian lineage, while the unembellished design speaks of a rum so rich in history it requires no embellishment.


Plantation Logo

Plantation Rum, with its signature double aging process, marries the vibrancy of tropical origins with the refinement of French maturation, offering a suite of rums rich in diversity and character. At the heart of Plantation Rum’s logo is a radiant burst, reminiscent of both the tropical sun and the historical legacy of sugarcane plantations, centered around a human silhouette. Encased by the assertive “PLANTATION RUM” in bold capitals, the logo strikes a balance between homage and modernity. The monochromatic palette underscores the logo’s timeless and universal appeal, just as Plantation Rum’s diverse portfolio is savored by connoisseurs worldwide.

Pusser’s Rum

Pusser's Rum Logo

Pusser’s Rum carries the title ‘Single Malt of Rum’ with pride, rooted in a profound naval tradition, having once been the sanctified rum of the British Royal Navy. The logo of Pusser’s Rum is emblematic of its seafaring legacy, with maritime symbols and the Union Jack flag, reinforcing its British naval history. The phrase “THE NAVAL SPIRIT”, encircled by a traditional ribbon banner, evokes the spirit of naval exploration and valor. The patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme not only reflects the brand’s British heritage but also resonates with the valor and traditions of the Royal Navy.

R.L. Seale’s

R.L. Seale's Logo

R.L. Seale’s stands as a paragon of Barbadian rum craftsmanship, with a familial lineage in distillation dating back to the early 19th century, synonymous with rums of exceptional quality. The logo of R.L. Seale’s is an exercise in understated elegance, utilizing a typeface that whispers of tradition and artisanal skill. It lacks pretension, a deliberate choice that draws attention to the rum’s intrinsic quality and flavor, rather than relying on visual grandeur, a true testament to the rum’s standing in the world of fine spirits.

Rhum J.M.

Rhum J.M. Logo

Rhum J.M., cradled in the fertile volcanic earth of Martinique’s northern valleys, commands respect for its superior ‘rhum agricole,’ a vibrant spirit crafted from freshly pressed sugarcane juice. The logo of Rhum J.M. is a blend of elegance and simplicity, featuring a serif typeface that hints at the brand’s rich heritage and sophisticated palette. The luxurious gold and deep maroon hues encapsulate the premium nature of the rum, while the focused use of the initials J.M. with a full stop is an ode to the brand’s unwavering confidence in the quality of its storied rum.

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Logo

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, an ode to the legendary American tattoo artist Norman Collins, is celebrated for its distinctive blend of Caribbean rum, enriched with spices and flavors. The logo of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum captures the essence of nautical adventure, intertwined with a vintage American flair. It features a script that recalls the hand-lettered signs of the mid-20th century, reflecting the era of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins. The maritime theme is further accentuated by a circular rope border, while the proclamation of “THE ORIGINAL” above the brand name asserts its pioneering status in the spiced rum segment.

Ten To One

Ten To One Logo

Ten To One, redefining the rum landscape, introduces a contemporary vision, blending exceptional rums that resonate with the vibrant culture and diversity of the Caribbean. The logo of Ten To One is a paragon of modernity, highlighted by a sleek pelican motif within a circle, emblematic of elegance and the Caribbean spirit. The logo’s clean, sans-serif font for “TEN TO ONE” embraces modernity and simplicity, reflecting the brand’s ethos of straightforward and pure rum experiences. Its minimalist design philosophy embodies a fresh perspective on rum.

The Real McCoy

The Real McCoy Logo

The Real McCoy, inspired by the legendary Prohibition-era figure Bill McCoy, produces authentic rums in Barbados, renowned for their uncompromised quality. The logo is a nod to the era and the integrity of its namesake, featuring a classic, bold serif typeface that conveys timelessness. The stark contrast of black and white in the logo emphasizes the brand’s commitment to purity and authenticity, mirroring Bill McCoy’s reputation for unadulterated spirits.


Zacapa Logo

Zacapa Rum, a resplendent jewel from Guatemala, is renowned for its distinctive ‘Sistema Solera’ aging process, conducted in the highlands. This process, often involving bourbon casks, imbues the rum with a celebrated complexity. The Ron Zacapa logo is a tapestry of elegance, its script whispering of luxury and impeccable quality. The golden color scheme not only pays tribute to the premium aging process but also reflects the rum’s rich flavor profile, reminiscent of tropical fruit, citrus, and a hint of chocolate.

The inclusion of “Centenario” in the logo honors the centuries-old tradition and mastery behind Zacapa Rum, akin to the careful crafting of a fine daiquiri or the blending of recipes in the world of whiskey and cognac. The logo’s design, a testament to the sophistication and Guatemalan roots of Zacapa Rum, mirrors the high proof of its spirit and the depth of its heritage.

In essence, the Ron Zacapa logo is more than a visual identifier; it encapsulates the essence of the brand – from its methodical aging process to the intricate blending of flavors that make Zacapa a standout in the world of premium spirits.