8 Young Logo Creators Every Design Student Should Look Up To

Inspiration is a very whimsical thing. Designers often burdened with the lack of ideas find themselves in search of the spark. And today, thanks to the internet, there are plenty of design inspirations ready at the tap of your fingertips.

Now, design students have things a little tricker. While one can tackle other academic majors with the help of essay writing service EssayPro.com, being a design major has a different set of demands. At least until you graduate, you need to excel in theory while also finding ways to keep your creativity alert.

To help you with that, we have gathered a list of the most promising logo creators from the kaleidoscope of design talents out there.

1. Anna Kuts

Currently the co-founder and CEO of Razöm graphic design studio, Anna Kuts, has already turned the heads of design critics worldwide. Based in New York, this young designer has a striking gallery of logos, packaging, brand identity, exhibition design, and other creative design categories.

You will find her designs eclectic, bold, and yet playful as she finds her way through different mediums. She blends together different textures and forms with vectors to create a canvas that would undoubtedly catch your eye. Her early success is proof that Anna has only started her creative journey.

2. Leta Sobierajski

There is no single word to describe Leta Sobierajski’s design concepts. At first glance, they are quirky, and likely to be unlike anything you have seen before. Her design elements are a product of careful blending between photography, graph design, art, and styling.

Her personality is like a big splash over her entire portfolio. It is her website that has truly captured the playfulness in her design conceptualizations. If you are one for idiosyncratic, daring, and luminous designs, you will find a muse in her creations.

3. Dana Tanamachi

This New York City-based artist has her portfolio filled with vibrant motifs and the chalk-lettering trend. Though most of her works include installations and murals, she has also done quite a few logos in her signature style.

Dana Tanamachi got her break after her installation at a housewarming party got her a Google commission. Today, her designs range from illustration and typography for editorial, food, and other brands. You will find that a lot of her works adorn floral elements in a fusion of colors.

4. John Contino

Founder and creative director of Contino Studio, an independent branding studio, John Contino has already established himself as an influential figure in the design community. Like the others’ on this list, his works don’t boil down to only logo or brand designs. You can find his creations on products and packaging, digital and web experiences, interiorы, just to name a few.

As such, it is difficult to put a fence around his design style, which varies from a splash of bold patterns to quiet tones of monochrome. If you want to explore his philosophy further, John has also published his book. Brand by Hand, in 2018.

5. Erik Marinovich

Basing his work from San Francisco, Erik Marinovich has made a reputation as one of this generation’s iconic lettering artists. He has a long list of notable clients, ranging from Target to Nike and Google. His design studio, Title Case, also conducts workshops and lectures for aspiring designers.

His designs also combine motion graphics and other design elements to create unique skewed, lined, and imaginable lettering patterns. If you thought he couldn’t be cooler, he has also co-founded Friends of Type and goes on the road promoting his typography products he has created in association with Princeton Architectural Press.

6. Alex Engzell

Alex has a long list of accolades under the hood of his creations. He works as a creative director, based in Tallinn, Estonia. His concepts come across as clean and defined yet stimulating and powerful. There are no lines that deviate, and everything is on point.

He has an impressive client list that includes Vogue and a philosophy that allows him to stay focused. Unfortunately, you will not find his works on social media, but he has interesting Dribbble and Behance portfolios at your disposal.

7. Joshua Nom

Joshua Nom classifies himself as a designer specializing in detailed and bold illustration techniques, along with an organic sense of typography. To describe it in other words, his works remind you of beauty amidst the chaos.

He goes all out in his designs, there is nothing subtle about his work. You will find his work liquid enough to paste on any product, from t-shirts to bottles.

8. Tad Carpenter

Carpenter Collective, the creative child of Tad Carpenter and his partner Jessica. They focus on creating brand experiences that range from identity, logo design, packaging, to campaigns and every other element you can think of. Their design reflects the eccentric and artistic strategy across all their works.

Tad has always been interested in art, having artists for parents. His striking illustrations also find their place in children’s books and concert posters.

The artists portrayed here are only a drop in the bucket of the young talent out there. The internet has been kind to artists, creating opportunities for showcasing designs and creativity like never before. Hopefully, these artists will nudge you to explore your ideas and encourage you to chase your dreams.