20+ Best Cognacs Brands and Logos

20+ Best Cognacs Brands and Logos

The emblem of a brand is often its first and most enduring impression, a symbol that transcends language and culture. This is especially true in the world of cognac, a realm where tradition, heritage, and craftsmanship intertwine. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of logos from cognac producers, a sector where each emblem is not just a mark of identity but a storyteller, weaving tales of history, family legacies, and the art of cognac making.

These logos are more than mere commercial symbols. They are badges of honor, representing centuries of tradition and the meticulous art of cognac production. From the intricate family crests that date back to the early days of cognac making to modern, sleek designs symbolizing innovation and contemporary appeal, each logo in the cognac industry holds a mirror to the brand it represents. They encapsulate the essence of the regions from which these esteemed spirits hail, notably the Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, and Borderies, areas synonymous with the highest quality Eaux-de-vie.

The journey of exploring these logos is akin to traversing the scenic vineyards of Cognac, France. Each turn reveals a story of resilience, evolution, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. These symbols often feature elements that highlight the heritage of the brand, such as family coats of arms, symbolic motifs, and references to the historical figures who shaped the brand’s destiny.

As we delve into the nuances of these logos, we uncover the subtle artistry that goes into their creation. The choice of color, font, and imagery is not arbitrary but a well-considered decision aimed at reflecting the brand’s identity and its promise to the connoisseur. The elegance of a logo can speak of the smoothness and richness of the cognac, while a more bold and avant-garde design might suggest innovative blending techniques or a break from tradition.

Changes in branding reflect shifts in market trends, advancements in design, and the brand’s journey through the annals of history. This evolution often mirrors the changes in the cognac itself, as master blenders refine their craft and adapt to contemporary palates while still respecting the centuries-old traditions of cognac production.

A. de Fussigny

A. de Fussigny Logo

In France’s Cognac region, the company A. de Fussigny distinguishes itself by blending modern and traditional cognac production techniques. Their emblem, a majestic lion in profile, symbolizes strength and nobility. The lion, exuding confidence, boasts an ornately designed tail and an elegantly flowing mane, echoing calligraphic art, representing the brand’s rich heritage and robust identity. The brand name, “A. de Fussigny Cognac”, appears in a clean, straightforward typeface, marrying tradition with a contemporary feel.

A. E. Dor

A. E. Dor Logo

The historical A. E. Dor, founded in 1858 by Amédée-Edouard Dor, is acclaimed for its impressive collection of pre-phylloxera cognacs and its skilled art of blending. Its logo reflects a deep sense of tradition, featuring a crest with a royal diadem, the letter ‘D’, and a wreath, representing a legacy of excellence. The inscription “Estd 1858” highlights the brand’s long-standing history, and the typeface used for “A. E. DOR” radiates a timeless, elegant charm.


Camus Logo

Camus, founded in 1863 in the prestigious Cognac region, is renowned for its exquisite Eaux-de-vie, crafted through a meticulous blending process emphasizing aromatic intensity and complexity.

The Camus logo embodies luxury and simplicity, featuring a golden color scheme that reflects the rich amber hues of aged cognac. Its emblem, suggestive of a family crest or a symbol of precision, combines boldness with subtlety. The phrase “CAMUS Independent Since 1863” is rendered in a sleek, modern font, reflecting the brand’s commitment to independence and contemporary craftsmanship.

Claude Chatelier

Claude Chatelier Logo

The aging process of Claude Chatelier cognac captures the essence of traditional French artisanship. This brand is acclaimed worldwide for its array of smooth, well-balanced flavors, catering to cognac connoisseurs. At the emblem’s core is a stork, elegantly situated within a navy blue shield, surrounded by a decorative crest featuring yellow florals and grapevines, symbolizing its viticulture heritage. A meticulously detailed royal crown surmounts the shield, denoting the brand’s prestige, while the motto “PATIENTIA ET FORTUNA” underscores the values of patience and fortune integral to its creation.


Courvoisier Logo

In the world of fine spirits, Courvoisier stands as a beacon of excellence. Established in 1828, this revered cognac house boasts a storied past, highlighted by its association with Napoleon Bonaparte. Its unique blend of Eaux-de-vie sets it apart. The logo captures the essence of intrigue and elegance, featuring a mysterious figure in hat and coat set against a stark white backdrop. Underneath, in flowing cursive, are hints of historical significance, alluding to its Napoleonic connections, seamlessly blending tradition with the brand’s illustrious history.


Delamain Logo

Delamain, founded in 1824, is renowned for producing exclusively aged cognacs, emphasizing quality above all else. This brand’s hallmark is its Pale and Dry XO, a pure Grande Champagne cognac of exceptional quality. Its logo features a majestic eagle with wings outstretched, perched on a heraldic shield. The shield’s design, with vertical bars and fleur-de-lis, evokes connections to French nobility and heritage. Prominently displayed is the year “1824”, signifying a rich history, while the simple, classic font beneath the crest pays homage to the brand’s long-standing tradition in distillery craftsmanship.

François Voyer

François Voyer Logo

Nestled in the Grande Champagne region, the family-run François Voyer cognac house is celebrated for its intricate aging process, yielding cognacs with complex and deep flavors. The brand’s logo encapsulates this heritage, featuring “FRANÇOIS VOYER” within a double-lined circle, symbolizing wholeness and continuity. Central to the design is a stylized Pegasus in mid-gallop, representing speed and ambition. The logo’s monochromatic palette lends it a contemporary yet ageless charm, reflecting the brand’s commitment to blending modernity with time-honored techniques.


Frapin Logo

In the heart of France’s Grande Champagne region, there lies a cognac house renowned for its single-family estate vineyards that produce cognacs of exceptional complexity and depth, a tradition dating back to 1270. This cognac, known as Frapin, is distinguished by its unique terroir-driven qualities. Its logo features “COGNAC FRAPIN” in a minimalist, classy serif font, emphasizing the cognac heritage. The spacious lettering conveys exclusivity and refinement, while an elegantly rendered feather above the text symbolizes the brand’s lightness and finesse, offering a delicate contrast to the straight lines of the text.


Hardy Logo

Known for its elegant bottles and exceptional quality, Hardy cognac blends tradition with innovation. Since 1863, it has been captivating cognac enthusiasts with a range of luxurious offerings. The logo showcases “HARDY” in bold, uppercase serif letters, exuding tradition and stability. An ornate golden rooster, a symbol of pride and vigilance in French heraldry, takes a central position above the text. The phrase “Maison de Cognac” is elegantly scripted in a smaller serif font below, highlighting the brand’s focus, while the foundational year “1863” is neatly underlined, adding historical weight to the design.


Hennessy Logo

Established in 1765, Hennessy stands as one of the oldest and most renowned cognac houses, globally recognized for its consistent high-quality cognacs, including the acclaimed Hennessy V.S.O.P. The logo features a striking emblem: a powerful, armored fist clutching a battle axe atop a coiled, intricate vine, symbolizing strength and the rich history of winemaking.  “Maison Fondée en 1765” is elegantly scripted below, highlighting the brand’s enduring heritage. The logo is dominated by the boldly serifed “Hennessy,” asserting its strong presence, while “COGNAC” appears in smaller capitals, underscoring the product’s identity.


Hine Logo

Hine, established in 1763 in Jarnac, France, gains acclaim for its unique aging process in the UK’s damp climate, yielding exceptionally fine and floral cognacs. A striking red stag, symbolizing vitality and regality, characterizes the Hine logo, adding noble elegance to the brand. The name “HINE” stands out in large, bold red letters for instant recognition, with “MAISON FONDÉE EN 1763” in matching red below, maintaining the logo’s cohesive color theme and celebrating the brand’s longstanding legacy.

Jean Luc Pasquet

Jean Luc Pasquet Logo

In the Grande Champagne region, Jean Luc Pasquet, an artisanal cognac maker, is famous for its organic vineyards and traditional methods, producing rich, genuine-tasting cognacs. The Jean-Luc Pasquet logo exemplifies elegant minimalism. Its monogram “JLP” in classic serif font adds a personal touch, reflecting the brand’s artisan quality. Below, the full name “JEAN-LUC PASQUET” is prominently displayed, emphasizing the creator’s identity. “L’ORGANIC” features a distinctive apostrophe, signaling a unique cognac production approach and underscoring the brand’s commitment to organic practices.


Martell Logo

Founded in the year 1715, Martell stands as one of the most ancient cognac houses, distinguished by its novel distillation method that utilizes clear wines and ages the cognac in fine-grained oak barrels. This process lends its cognacs a smooth texture and rich aromatic profile. The Martell logo prominently features a swift and graceful bird in flight, symbolizing both freedom and finesse, possibly reflecting the smooth nature of the spirit. Crafted elegantly in a commanding serif font, the brand name radiates heritage and reliability. Below it, “COGNAC” appears in a more subdued style, with “FONDÉE EN 1715” enclosed in an ornate shield, emphasizing the brand’s extensive history and commitment to craftsmanship.


Martingale Logo

Martingale, a cognac brand perhaps less known but noteworthy for its meticulous craftsmanship and selection of fine Eaux-de-vie, offers a unique experience for cognac aficionados. Its logo features a geometric “M” within an octagonal border, symbolizing stability and precision. The deep green color chosen represents growth, prosperity, and a connection to nature, hinting at the brand’s commitment to quality ingredients. “COGNAC” appears beneath the monogram in a luxurious, gold-toned script, mirroring the richness of the cognac. Meanwhile, the brand name “MARTINGALE” is styled in a straightforward, modern sans-serif font, suggesting a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional cognac.

Master of Malt’s

Master of Malt’s Logo

Master of Malt’s, primarily recognized as a spirits retailer, boasts a diverse selection of cognac expressions, catering to various styles and ages to suit a wide range of tastes. Its logo, “Master of Malt”, presents a strong statement of expertise in a balanced, straightforward serif font, reflecting authority and a traditional approach in the spirits realm. The word “MASTER” is emphasized in larger, uppercase letters, asserting dominance. In contrast, “of” is rendered in a delicate, cursive script, adding a touch of sophistication. “MALT” mirrors the prominence of “MASTER”, encapsulating the logo with a sense of completeness and a focus on malt whisky as its specialty.

Pierre Ferrand

Pierre Ferrand Logo

Pierre Ferrand, residing in the Grande Champagne region, earns acclaim for its historical approach to cognac production, focusing on complex, aged cognacs that embody the traditional spirit of the region. Logo presents an intricate emblem encircled by a decorative garland, evoking the lush vineyards of Grande Champagne, famous for superior cognac production. At the top, the initials “PF” stand out, accompanied by a cherub symbolizing heritage and tradition. The brand boldly asserts its identity with “COGNAC PIERRE FERRAND” inscribed in the central medallion, while “Grande Champagne” elegantly appears below, further highlighting the brand’s distinguished status in the cognac industry.

PM Spirits

PM Spirits Logo

PM Spirits, a distinguished importer and curator of high-quality, unique spirits, specializes in a carefully selected range of cognacs that showcase the craftsmanship of artisanal producers. Their logo is a detailed emblem, topped with a royal crown to symbolize supremacy and distinction in their field. Flanking the central shield, which features a sophisticated monogram, are two symmetrical mythical beasts, possibly griffins, signifying protection and vigilance. Below, a banner adorned with vine and floral motifs represents the connection to nature and the growth processes in vineyards. This entire symbol is framed in an ornate, Baroque-inspired border, enhancing its majestic appearance.

Remy Martin

Remy Martin Logo

Since its inception in 1724, Remy Martin has been renowned for crafting exclusive cognacs from the esteemed Grande and Petite Champagne regions. Its renowned Cognac Fine Champagne being a testament to its rich, full-bodied flavor profile.

At the heart of Remy Martin’s branding is the iconic centaur emblem, a fusion of human and equine elements, representing the harmony of nature and human insight, as well as strength and intellectual might. Cast in a luxurious golden tone, the centaur exudes opulence and superior quality. The brand’s name “RÉMY MARTIN” is displayed in a serif font that skillfully bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary styles. Underneath this, “Fine Champagne Cognac” is prominently featured, underscoring the brand’s association with the prestigious Champagne cognac area.

Sazerac de Forge & Fils

Sazerac de Forge & Fils Logo

Embodying a storied past, Sazerac de Forge & Fils is celebrated for resurrecting the revered cognac once preferred in the original Sazerac cocktail, creating a blend that resonates with the flavors of 19th-century France. Their logo, embracing a minimalist yet elegant design, arcs gracefully with the brand’s name in a modern, sans-serif font. The color scheme likely features a subtle copper hue, reminiscent of the cognac aging barrels. The curvature of the text suggests inclusiveness and continuity, circling around the prominently placed word “COGNAC” at the center, thereby affirming the product’s essence.

Vallein Tercinier

Vallein Tercinier Logo

Vallein Tercinier, tracing its roots back to the 15th century, stands out for its exceptional cognac offerings. This includes rare and aged varieties, crafted with steadfast dedication to traditional methods. The brand’s emblem skillfully blends heraldic symbols with maritime imagery. A regal crest crowns the shield, which features a star and a ship, separated by a diagonal band. This design embodies the spirit of exploration and navigation at the heart of the brand’s philosophy. The founding year, “1850”, anchors the emblem, while the brand’s name appears in a robust, classic typeface below. Two curving lines frame the name, adding a dynamic sense of movement and forward progression.

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