10 best corporate gifts for your brand

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“We want your wellbeing and crave your attention for a long time.” That is exactly what all corporate agencies seek and demand from their clients. The psyche behind all promotional activities of companies is to remain in touch with their clients and to get benefits by providing them the best possible service.

In a world of competition, the promotion of any brand in a smart way keeps that corporate alive in the client’s hearts. A business strategy is to remind the community again and again about a company and its products. Among all the protocols that a company could come forward with, visual representation is best and it works wonders.

And corporate gifts with a logo upon are just perfect ways for the promotion of any brand.

Why corporate gifts make your brand stand out

The purpose that corporate gifts can serve is marvelous;

  • It lets the clients feel special and appreciated. Like the way companies are serving the gifts to their clients is just showcasing their gratitude.
  • Another core purpose is to remind the brand again and again. To let the clients know that yes, we are there for you to serve you in the best way. We offer you our products that are created exclusively for you.

What a brand can offer is its unique, amazing, and functional merchandise, and Logo.ee have plenty of such ideas. Here are some common still evergreen ideas for corporate gifts.


1. T-Shirts

Who doesn’t like to wear T-shirts? A very subtle idea for any corporate gift can be daily wear item with a cool color and logo of a brand upon it serves brand promotion in a better way.

What kind of t-shirts can be best as a logo gift? A company can come forward with basic solid colors that will represent the theme of that brand. Our versatile range like for summer, cool pastel-colored t-shirts and for winter, warm cozy vibes in a shirt will be just an outstanding idea.

The brand logo may be simple, purposeful, elegant that goes well with tees or it can be funky to give a cheerful, lively impression of a brand.

How to represent tees? Wrapped in a gift paper that holds a company logo is a great way to give a shout out to the brand name. Specifically addressed to a client, who is the receiver of logo gift, there would be nothing best than this.

2. Pens as a logo gifts

Pens as a logo gifts

A basic, must-have corporate gift that almost every client expects from a company is a pen.

Like whenever someone talks about any corporate merchandise, the very first thought that came into mind is ‘Oh, it must have a pen.” Always a classic idea for a gift!

A brand can use a pen to advertise its company. See, a pen travels so fast. From father to son, and from a son who is a student to his class fellows and so on. All the way a brand name engraved at a pen is making an impact on those who are using it.

A pen with a pen holder or a pen case represents itself as a cheerful yet vintage gift. A brand logo at a pen case as well at pen obviously performs a dual function; a company promotion and an intellectual image of a brand.

The pen should be represented to customers with thought behind that more power to their learning. Nicely packed with a sticky note that addresses the clients is etiquette to give a pen.

3. Mugs

A coffee table without a mug, a work table having no mug at its top, a study table that no longer holds a mug, how does it sound? It seems like the ones who belong to tables are not passionate about their work. I mean don’t they crave coffee or tea? How are they going to work without those energy drinks?

You see that is an idea behind a mug as a corporate gift. How a company can miss a mug in its merchandise when a mug holds such an important place in the daily life of everyone. Logo.ee have purposeful mugs designs that itself speaks about the brand.

When designing a mug as a logo gift, there are some crucial points that a brand should consider.

  • First, don’t consider a mug just an ordinary gift. Make it a tool that shows a company spirit and motive very well.
  • Secondly, a mug with an elegant design and shape wins the customers’ good attention.

A mug with a brand logo and a brief quote that represents a brand ideology is such a kind of corporate gift that satisfies customers and corporates as well.

4. Key chains

If someone asks what type of corporate gift is easy to carry, to the point, and have the audacity to remain in sight is? The answer is key chains.

A common practice is key chains are just to attach with keys. False! Key chains if made visually appealing can be attached with bags of any kind, or with any gadget. Beautifully designed key chains are always in trend. For a brand to have it as a logo gift it is just a right and economical choice.

A brand having other expensive merchandise, it is always necessary to have a cheap item in the collection to balance out all expenditures. By speaking cheap it doesn’t mean a company should compromise the quality of key chains.

A variety of key chains can be represented as corporate gifts Key chains could be made of wood, leather, metal, or rubber depending upon the financial criteria of a company. Indeed a compulsory item to give as a gift.

5. Protective masks

2020 has revealed the importance and compulsion of masks better than any other year ever. For now, a must-have item without that nobody dares to step outside the home.

Protective masks as promotional corporate gifts is, smart thinking. It represents the brand concern to their clients that “Your wellbeing is our first priority.” And at the same time a manifestation of the soft image of a brand.

Masks holding a company logo are a hot item as a promotional gift from any brand. Rather than being luxurious, it is a need of society. So why not the protective masks can be a logo gifts.

Just follow the WHO (World Health Organization) rules and regulations before stocking the masks. It should be meant to be protective not just a showcase of a brand.

6. Back-pack

If a brand is searching for trendy and cool gifts for their promotion then a back-pack is good to go.

Back-pack can come with different ideas like for college or university going clients or for traveling purposes. A bag-pack easy to carry across the shoulders and bearing a company logo on it is just a moving advertisement.

A brand can choose the quality of material for a backpack that best fits its economical values.

7. Office Notebook

A handy, travel-friendly notebook is what everyone desires a student, employer, writer or anybody who knows how to write. Leather bound mini notebook or an ordinary spiral notebook, a brand can choose to have both or just one.

Now, how a notebook can successfully promote the brand name? Well, notebooks have pages inside, and each page carrying a brand logo at the top or at the bottom corner. It will remind its user of the company name every time he or she jot down anything in it.

Brands can come up with a saying to make a notebook visually pleasant. Another idea is a notebook with a pen attached by its side. That will make it more functional and accessible.

8. USB flash drive

USB flash logo

In a digital world, the accessories that cope up with gadgets and technologies are always wholeheartedly cherished as a gift. A USB flash drive as a logo gift is just on the point in the 21st century.

The world that is shifting from hardware to software infrastructure with drastic speed is just mind-blowing. To survive in such advanced technology, everyone needs tools. And a USB Drive is a kind of communication gateway between two parties in today’s world.

Be smart and invest in such types of merchandise that are in demand of a modern world. A USB drive can be customized with a brand logo upon it. A smart card reader or a USB drive is a perfect choice as a corporate gift.

9. Cardholder wallet

A never going thread of ideas for merchandise for a promotional purpose of a brand, no one can exclude the wallet. To keep the business cards, credits, or debit cards we all need a wallet. Leather bound wallets are always in fashion.

A wallet with a brand logo engraved upon it in a sophisticated and elegant way is just an exceptional idea for a logo gift. A kind of gift that meets both need and desire!

When representing a wallet as a gift, a wallet case is as important as a wallet itself. A brand can use its logo in a wallet case.

Just keep in mind when it comes to the repetition of the brand’s logos on promotional gifts, don’t overdo it. Repetition of a logo up to an extent is good but beyond a particular number, it just gives a sticky and narrow-minded image of a company. Use brand logos to give a strong and valid vision of a company. Use it wisely, use it smartly.

Cardholder wallets could be with different sizes and designs. Or it could be with a basic layout that is a trademark of a brand. A minimalistic approach is always best suited for a corporate. When designing a wallet, come with a minimalistic idea that is ideal for a corporate gift.

10. Vacuum insulated bottle

A travel buddy! A must-have the multipurpose item, fit for any season, fall, or winter. Yes, a vacuum insulated bottle.

Why as a logo gift for a brand? A hundred reasons to have it on the list.

First and foremost! It is needed as it fulfills the requirements of a water bottle. You can carry water inside it.

Secondary, insulated quality makes it more worthy and precious. Have a drink in it that you want to save from extreme weather. Like any hot or cold drink, it will serve both well.

Thirdly, it is easy to travel with, easy to tuck inside a bag or luggage or to hold it in hand.

There are a lot of ideas with insulated vacuum bottles. It can be a sports vacuum bottle or can be a vacuum insulated tumbler. Both pretty much satisfy the same purpose.

A brand logo in a prominent way printed at a bottle is perfect to go. Like what a brand desires more if it is fulfilling the needs of a community by its corporate gifts. It convinces both a luxury and a need.

Final Words:

A never going end list and never going end ideas are there as a promotional or a logo gift for any brand. But above one are those that are functional, easy to use, and easy to carry. That strengthens the image of a brand in a positive way as it adequately grants the customers’ needs and wants.

Prime factor is that these gifts should come with a responsibility, a responsibility of being crafted and designed with utmost care and love. Logo.ee holds such amazing criteria for corporate gifts. Look forward to it.

Ultimate Suggestion:

When talking about the best corporate gifts, brands should keep in consideration that sincerity should be at top. If it is all about just a promotional purpose than sorry to say, it is against the essence of a gift. Come with an idea and a quality. Promotion will prevail in its own way, brand vision will speak to people on its own, and an everlasting image will be established merely by corporate gifts. Condition is not to make this all effort soulless and superficial.

Speaking in a nutshell, adopt all above ideas as a logo gift for a brand with a whole mindset and logic behind. Show delicacy and creativity and all are good to go for both customers and brands.