Domino’s Logo


Domino’s Logo

Each of the dots on the Domino’slogosymbolizesoneofthefirstthreestorestherestaurantchainhadin 1965, whentheemblemwascreated.

Meaning and history Domino’s Logo

Domino’s Logo history

OriginallyTomMonaghan, one of the company co-founders, was going to add a new do every time a news to was opened. However, theunbelievablesuccessofthefranchiseresultedintheveryfastDomino’s expansion. By 1978, there were already 200 stores. Whowouldputsomanydotsonthecompanylogo?

dominos old logo

Evolution of the emblem Domino’s

Domino’s Emblem

The earliest logo, which was introduced in 1960, featured two dominos positioned horizontally one above the other. The top one (red) contained three dots, while the domino below it sported the lettering “Domino’s Pizza” against the blue background.

domino's pizza logo

As a result of the1977 redesign, the emblem was flipped on its side, the typeface was altered, the colors grew brighter, and there were also a couple of other subtle modifications. One more logo update took place in 1996, when the symbol was rotated once again.

2012 symbol Domino’s

Domino’s symbol

Following the change of the restaurants’ name to simply Domino’s, the blue rectangular shape and text inside it disappeared. Now, the logo consists of only one domino (blue and red) and the name of the company next to it.

Font of the Domino’s Logo

Font Domino’s Logo

The typeface featuredin the 1996logo looks very much like Futura Condensed ExtraBold, while the current wordmark uses a version of the Pluto Sans Heavy type created by Hannes von Dohren.

Color of the Domino’s Logo

Color Domino’s Logo

The color scheme has stayed basically the same since 1960, with a couple of shifts in the shades.The eye-catching combination of red, white and blue colors is highly noticeable in itself, yet the shades used in thecurrent Dominos Pizza logo are rather discreet.