Tangerine Bowl Logo

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Tangerine Bowl Logo
The name “Tangerine Bowl” can refer to two college football bowl games, both played in Orlando, Florida, at Camping World Stadium, at different periods:
– the bowl game played in 1947-1983
– the game played in 2001–2003

Meaning and history

Logo Tangerine Bowl

The Tangerine Bowl logo of 2001 featured a large tangerine and a brown football. In the background, a part of the gold sun with triangular sunrays could be seen. At the forefront, there was a green board housing the name of the game. When the game became known as the Mazda Tangerine Bowl in 2002, the emblem was slightly modified. The board was now blue and housed the lettering “Mazda” in white. Below the board, the text “Tangerine Bowl” in orange could be seen.