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The history of the St. Petersburg Bowl started in 2008. The first game was played at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. It was played under the same name before being renamed to the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl. Eventually, in 2017, the name the Gasparilla Bowl was adopted. In 2018, the owners decided to relocate the bowl to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

Meaning and history

St Petersburg Bowl Logo history

St Petersburg Bowl has changed many names and faces. The bowl was established in 2008 as the MagicJack Bowl and first got the “St. Petersburg” part in its name in 2009 when the game started being sponsored by Beef o Brady’s. After that, the name of the bowl was changed twice more until it got to St. Petersburg Bowl in 2015, which didn’t last long, as in 2017 it was already renamed Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl, which today is known as simply Gasparilla Bowl.

As for the event itself, it is an annual intercollegiate football game, which takes place in Florida, and involves football clubs from the colleges and universities of the region. Today the game is played at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

What is St Petersburg Bowl?
St Petersburg Bowl is the former name of the annual college football game, which today is known as the Gasparilla Bowl. It was first played in 2008 in St. Petersburg, Florida, and since then taken place every year, with its current location in Tampa.


St Petersburg Bowl Logo-2008The St. Petersburg Bowl logo of 2008 was dominated by the sunny orange hues of a large football depicted on the logo and the blue bright board housing the lettering “St. Petersburg Bowl.” You could see the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in the background.


St Petersburg Bowl Logo-2009

The logo redesign of 2009 was held in accordance with the new name of the game, Beef’O’Brady’s Bowl. It was a light yellow banner in a blue outline, with the enlarged serif “Bowl” set in the center, and red “Beef’O’Brady’s” written above it. The main inscription was executed in blue with light blue palms and waves pattern, supporting a blue outline of the logo.  The badge was complemented by a red ribbon placed at the bottom, where the white “St. Petersburg” wordmark was set.


St Petersburg Bowl Logo-2014The emblem introduced in 2014 featured a calmer palette and was based on the shield shape.

2015 – Today

St Petersburg Bowl Logo

The St. Petersburg Bowl badge, introduced in 2015, is fully based on the previous version, with the blue shield andgray-white lettering crossing it. The only difference between the two versions isthe absence of the Bitcoin icon and wordmark in the new badge.