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The Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) can boast a rather long history, which started in 1951. It is an NCAA-affiliated collegiate athletic conference participating at the Division II level.

Meaning and history

Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference Logo history

Birthed from the visionary minds of 15 state college presidents in 1951, the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) has become a cornerstone in the landscape of collegiate athletics. Throughout its journey, PSAC has carved out a legacy of excellence in sports, with its member institutions frequently garnering national accolades and championships. As of my latest knowledge in April 2023, PSAC stands as a formidable entity in the collegiate sports arena, encompassing 17 member schools. It continues to foster a culture of athletic prowess and academic integrity, shaping the future of thousands of student-athletes across a multitude of sports disciplines.

What is PSAC?
Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference is a college sports conference, based in Pennsylvania. It’s a part of the Second Division of NCAA, which regulates most sports events on the college level in North America. They host many sports, including soccer, baseball, basketball, cross country and more. PSAC is active since 1951.


Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference Logo old
Apart from the same abbreviation, which was given in a serif type, the old logo also included a torch, a gray map, the full name of the conference, and plenty of triangles.
Logo Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference


Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference logo
The current Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference logo looks pretty clean, especially in comparison with its predecessor.

The newer emblem features the abbreviation “PSAC” in blue. The designer has chosen a sans serif type and placed the letters between two abstract shapes.

Font and color

The current font is really just a basic sans-serif. The acronym they use in these emblems consists of capitalized, angular, but pretty linear letters. They are also bold, but there’s nothing too special about these letters. Before, they were blocky serif characters similar to the usual collegiate letterings.
PSAA has been using a color scheme of grey, black, blue and white since the beginning, it seems. The latest emblem only uses bright blue and light grey, not counting the usual white background they give it. The previous designs also had black elements here and there.

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