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If you compare the current Northeast-10 Conference logo, which was adopted in 2015, with its predecessor, you will immediately see they are completely different.

Meaning and history

Northeast-10 Conference Logo history

2002 – 2015

Northeast-10 Conference Logo-2002
The very first logo for the Northeast-10 conference was designed in 2002 and stayed with the association for more than a decade. Executed in the most patriotic blue, red, and white color palette, the emblem evokes a sense of power and dedication, and brilliantly reflected the sports essence of the conference, reminding some football and hockey clubs badges. The logo of the Northeast-10 Conference was composed of an enlarged and arched white lettering with the “Conference” written under the main inscription in the smaller size, placed on a solid blue background with a thick red framing, repeating the contours of the letters, with sharp angles.

2016 – Today

Northeast-10 Conference Logo

For one, the current version is by far cleaner and more abstract. You can see only four glyphs: “N,” “E,” “1,” and “0.” The “N” is the most abstract and unusual of all. While its lower half looks almost regular, the top is formed by a red triangle. The “E” and “1” have sharpened ends. The “0” is based on a rectangle, yet two of the angles are cut.

What is NorthEast-10 Conference?
Northeast-10 Conference is the name of the American athletic association, which plays in the Second Division. Today there are 14 members in the conference, which are colleges and universities of the North-East States of the US.