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The most prominent part of the Capital Athletic Conference logo is the lettering “CAC” (the initials of the name of the conference). And yet, it is not the lettering that is on the forefront but the Capitol Building. It is given in blue and white and is surrounded by five stars from both sides.

Below, the lettering “Capital Athletic Conference” in white can be seen. The words are italicized and placed inside a red rectangle. The combination of blue, white, and red, as well as the stars and red stripe, are reminiscent of the Flag of the US.

Meaning and history

Coast to Coast Athletic Conference Logo history (2)
The Capital Athletic Conference is an NCAA-affiliated Division III intercollegiate athletic conference.

What is Capital Athletic Conference?

Capital Athletic Conference is the former name of the Coast to Coast Athletic Conference, an intercollegiate sports organization, which was established in 1989 and is affiliated with the third division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The Conference consists of 8 members and fields 20 sports disciplines.

…. – 2013

Logo Capital Athletic Conference
The original logo, designed for the Capital Athletic Conference, featured a simple yet powerful combination, executed in the patriotic blue, red, and white color palette. It was a white roundel in a thin blue outline, with the image of a Capital drawn in blue and surrounded by the lettering, where the upper, “Capital”, part was separated from the bottom, “Athletic Conference”, by two solid red five-pointed stars.

2013 – 2020

Capital Athletic Conference Logo 2013
The original logo of the Capital Athletic Conference was designed in a traditional and patriotic blue, red and white color palette, with one of the most significant American symbols in the center — the US Capitol Building. The gray and blue roof was set in the center of the badge, complementing the white “A” in the “CAC” abbreviation, set in massive sans-serif at the top of the logo. The whole composition was underlined by a narrow red banner with the white italicized “Capital Athletic Conference” inscription over it. The bottom line of the blue part of the badge was decorated by ten solid white five-pointed stars, and a gray “1989” datemark set under the Capitol image.

2020 – Today

Coast to Coast Athletic Conference logo
After the rename of the conference to Coast to Coast, the logo was changed too. Now it is a stylized contour of the United States Map in a bold dark blue contour, crossed by a massive blue and orange inscription, coming from one side to the other, from one “Coast” to another. The two uppercase levels of the inscription are separated by a bold dark blue line, coming to the sides from the small “To”.

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