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Pakistan car brands

Pakistan is one of the growing centers of engineering in the East. They don’t produce too many of their own cars – which is mostly compact, affordable models. Instead, a lot of the local manufacturers build cars from foreign brands, such as Isuzu, Honda or Suzuki.

National Motors

logo National Motors

National Motors (aka Ghandhara Limited) is a Pakistani vehicle manufacturer, established in 1953. They mainly build trucks, although there aren’t any Ghandhara-developed models. Most of these are Isuzu trucks, pickup trucks and vans. Their logo depicts a black ring with red spikes going from the edges to the center. In the center, they form a smaller circle, outlined in black. That’s obviously supposed to resemble a wheel. The rest of the logo is just their name, written in black sans-serif letters.

Revo: Adam Motors

logo Revo

Revo, designed by the Pakistani Adam Motors is a compact car model, designed by the company in 2005. It was their most popular model, owing to its affordability. The company itself didn’t survive much longer, at least not as a carmaker. The company’s logo was a yellow oval with a blue crescent shape inside and the company’s name. It was written as ‘Adam’ in a mundane sans-serif style. These were also used as badges.

Pak Suzuki Motors

logo Pak Suzuki Motors

Pak Suzuki Motors is a company from Pakistan, established in 1983. It’s a subsidiary of the Japanese Suzuki Company, and this branch mainly builds compact cars and some other compact vehicles. Suzuki Alto in particular is the most popular product made by this manufacturer. They don’t have their own logo, but rather use Suzuki symbols. These include a red ‘S’ letter, as well as the company name, written in blue. The badges are usually the metal variants of the letter emblem.

Honda Atlas

logo Honda Atlas

Honda Atlas is a carmaker from Pakistan, established in 1992. The business is jointly owned by the local Atlas Company and the Japanese Honda. As such, the company primarily builds Honda vehicles. That includes sedans and some crossovers. They don’t have their own logo, either. The company simply uses Honda visual emblems. As such, the official logo is just the red ‘Honda’ wordmark.

Moteurs Indus

logo Moteurs Indus

Toyota Indus is a carmaker from Pakistan, established in 1990 as a subsidiary of Toyota proper. A lot of their cars are compact passenger cars or compact crossover. However, there are also some big SUVs and even pickup trucks. The company has no logo of its logo. Instead, the cars are marked with Toyota badges. In official business, they use red ‘Toyota’ wordmark exactly as the big company does, as well as their emblem.

Al-Ghazi Tractors

logo Al-Ghazi Tractors

Al-Ghazi is a Pakistani producer of tractors and some other farming machinery. The company was established in 1983 and acquired by CNH later. They’ve only produced a small number of vehicle models since then, but all of them seem popular enough in the region. Their logo depicts an L-shaped object with two colored sides. The one above is black, and the underside is green. Below it, they’ve also put a black image of the tractor – their most popular product.