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Indonesian car brands

Car manufacturing plays an important role in Indonesian economic well-being. It makes up the bulk of the nation’s GDP. The country produces generally compact vehicles. Most of them are affordable for the majority of Indonesian citizens. Notably, most of the country’s cars are built on the basis of foreign cars.


logo Esemka

Esemka (also known as PT Solo Manufaktur Kreasi) is a large automotive company. It is based in Solo, Indonesia. Since the foundation in 2007, they mostly produce minivans and compact cars. The company’s logo depicts a silver oval ring with a cogwheel inside it. There is another ring inside the cogwheel itself. Below it all we can see the brand name of a silver italic font. EVINA (Electric Vehicles Indonesia)

logo Esemka PT Solo Manufaktur Kreasi

Esemka PT Solo Manufaktur Kreasi

Fin Komodo

logo Fin Komodo

Fin Komodo (or PT Fin Komodo Teknologi) is an Indonesian automotive company. It is based in Cimahi, West Java region of the country. It focuses on production and distributing of low cost buggy cars across the nation and foreign countries. Their logo shows us white ‘Fin’ inscription of. It has a futuristic font with connected lines. The whole logo has an orange background


Tucuxi Logo

Tucuxi is an Indonesian luxury car. It was ordered by the governmental minister Dahlan Iskan and designed by Danet Suryatama. He is a businessman born in Pacitan, Indonesia. The car development began in 2004, but it has been delayed for many years. Now Tucuxi is on the stage of prototype. Apparently, it was conceived as a luxury car with design visually similar to Bugatti or Lexus vehicles.


logo Timor

PT Timor Putra Nasional, widely known as ‘Timor’, was an Indonesian company. It manufactured low cost automobiles and distributed them across the country. They operated between 1996 and 2000 and ceased operations due to the financial problems. Timor’s logo was their name of a blue typeface. It had uppercase serif letters. The word was located under the semi-circle with three blue figures together forming the ‘T’ character.


logo Perkasa

Texmaco Perkasa was a family of medium-duty commercial vehicles. It was produced by Indonesian automaker PT Wahana Perkasa Auto Jaya. The company was operating between 1996 and 2004. Perkasa produced mostly trucks and buses and distributed them across Oceania and Middle East. This car brand didn’t have any special logo. Probably the manufacturers used just the name as distinctive element.


Marlip Logo

Marlip (Marlip Indo Mandiri) was an Indonesian car company. This manufacturer was based in Bandung. It existed between 2005 and 2012. The list of their products generally included minicars, pickups and golf cars. Most of the company’s automobiles were built with the use of electric motors. Their cars were spread across Indonesia and Oceania.


Tawon logo

Tawon is an Indonesian car model. It is one of low cost minicars especially spread in villages of the country. Its naming came from the Indonesian word ‘Tawon’ which means ‘Wasp’. It was in production between 2010 and 2017. The company-manufacturer of this car was PT Super Gasindo Jaya. This car was one of the most popular products of this company.