How to download a photo or video from Instagram

How to download a photo or video from InstagramHave you ever wanted to download a photo or video from Instagram to your phone, tablet, or computer? For example, someone took a good shot of you and you really want to save this photo without having to ask the person to send it to you by mail? Or maybe you just like some photos and want to add them to your collection of ideas?

In this article we will share with you links to applications with which, you can easily save any photo or video in the gallery of your mobile device on Android and iOS. After you save the photo or video, you can use it at your discretion: you can repost it, mentioning the author of the photo in the description (don’t forget to do it, otherwise you may violate the copyright) or use the photo for your own personal purposes.

Instagram is a popular social network that offers users a wide range of opportunities for publishing and editing photos and videos. However, despite all its advantages, the site has a significant disadvantage – it is impossible to download uploaded images from the application. So how to save your favorite photo from Instagram to your phone? Especially for you, we have selected the simplest and most effective ways.

Saving a photo via a link in Telegram

One of the easiest ways is to copy a photo from Instagram to android, which will take less than a minute. To get the image, you need to follow a few simple steps:
• Open the needed picture in Instagram and click on the three horizontal dots;

How to download a photo or video from Instagram Saving a photo via a link in Telegram Step 1
• In the menu that opens, select “Copy link”;

How to download a photo or video from Instagram Saving a photo via a link in Telegram Step 2
• Send the copied link to yourself on Telegram;
• Open the obtained picture and press the three vertical dots in the upper right corner;
• Choose “Save to gallery”.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? Even though this method of downloading photos from Instagram to your android phone is very popular, it has its disadvantages, such as reducing the quality of the image when transferring.

Screenshot it

Here everything is simple: you need to go to the desired Instagram account, open the photo you like, and take a screenshot. Depending on the model of your smartphone, the way to create a screenshot may vary. The only thing left to do is to crop the frames of the screenshot to get the full image.


The easiest way to download a photo from Instagram to android. To save the image, you just need to open the service in your browser and paste the URL of the photo from your Instagram profile into the search bar. After downloading, the picture will open in a new window, from where you can save it to your PC with the right mouse button. And transferring a photo from your computer to your phone is easy.


The program is suitable for both PCs and smartphones. With it, you can save photos and videos without loss of quality. To download, you need to copy the link to the image and paste it into the search bar. Once downloaded, the photo will be saved in the phone’s gallery.

How to download a photo or video from Instagram iGrab Step 2

There are a large number of third-party apps for android that allow you to download photos from Instagram. Among all the variety, you can identify several favorites that have proven to be effective. Let’s list the most popular of them.

How to download a photo or video from Instagram iGrab Step 3



Instasave logo

InstaSave is quite an interesting application for downloading images and videos from Instagram. It is possible to save the picture you like in a couple of clicks.

InstaSave Step 1

Using the program is easy: after installing and launching, you should click “Open Instagram”, select the desired photo, and the button “Copy link” in a special menu. The program will download photos from Instagram to your phone. All images are saved in the gallery.

InstaSave Step 2

Insta Download


Insta Download logo

Another cool app that allows you to save an image from a social network in a couple of clicks. You can use the online tool to copy a photo to your phone from a public Instagram account. To do this, you just need to follow three simple steps:

Open the post with the picture you want to save;
Copy the URL (you can do it using the menu tab with the vertical dots);
Paste the copied link into the Insta Download program and press the “Download picture” button. The application is free on Google Play.


FastSave logo

The perfect solution for those who do not know how to download their favorite photo from Instagram on android. Using the program is quite simple. After installation, you need to move the FastSave service slider to the active position and press “Open Instagram”. FastSave will work in the background, and we will go to the social network. Now, to upload a photo you like to your phone, just copy its link. The image is automatically saved in the memory of the smartphone.


Quicksave logo

An increasingly popular application that is suitable for downloading both photos and videos. The principle of its work is similar to other programs: open Instagram, copy the address of the image, paste into the search box QuickSave and click “Download”. The photos will be saved in the gallery of the phone.

Universal ways to save photos and videos to your phone (Android or iOS) or computer


Frominsta is a universal way to download any content from Instagram. More specifically, you can download videos, IGTV, Reels, photos, and a carousel. And all of this in excellent quality, the best possible.
The service is very concise and easy to understand for any user. About the safety, too, you can not worry, because the service does not store the downloaded files.


DownloadGram is a super-easy-to-use website that allows you to save a photo or video from Instagram in just a couple of clicks. Note that because this is a website, you can use it to download photo and video files to any device, whether it is a computer, any brand of phone, or a tablet.

If you have trouble using the service, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to use it below (if for some reason you do not like DownloadGram or can’t work with it, you can use a similar service called Ninja Copy. On this site, you can download anything from Instagram, from posts, stories, and live streams to comments, likes, and followers. The only inconvenience is that you have to use a different page for each type of content. Nevertheless, the service is very convenient).


Step 1: Open Instagram and copy the link to the photo or video you want to save.
Go to
to open the post and get the link, click on the date of the post;
In the window that opens, copy the link in the line where you enter the site address.
Step 2: Go to the DownloadGram site on your computer or via your mobile browser.
Step 3: In the center of the site, there is a box where you need to paste the link you copied to Instagram. Paste the link and click “Download”.
Step 4: You’ll see a greenish “Download Image” button below. Click on it.
Step 5: For mobile devices, a new window will open with the photo. Tap your finger on the image and hold for a few seconds until the “Save Photo” option appears. On your computer, the download should start automatically.

That’s it! After the last step, the photo will be saved to your phone’s gallery or download folder on your computer.

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