How to Delete Instagram Account

How to Delete Instagram Account

We all have our ups and downs, or just lose interest in something, or make global changes in our lives. Whatever the reason is, some people really need to find out how to delete or deactivate their social network accounts. A couple of years ago it was not that easy to delete a profile on Instagram. Now here are several ways. And in this article, we will tell you what to do.

Before you delete your Instagram page, you need to understand that all photos, videos, likes, and comments will be irretrievably lost. Maybe you should close your account and only share information with friends and family without deleting it. You should also remember, that if you decide to return, the nickname cannot be used again (the solution is to temporarily disable the account);

Deleting your Instagram profile is a serious manipulation, before which you need to think in advance whether you are really ready to permanently delete your data. So probably it is better to temporarily block an Instagram account.

How To deactivate your profile:

1. Sign in to your account;

How To deactivate your profile Instagram Step 1
2. Click on “edit profile”;

How To deactivate your profile Instagram Step 2
3. In the window that appears, in the lower right corner, select “temporarily block my account”

How To deactivate your profile Instagram Step 3

After clicking the button, your profile will work in hidden mode. The function is available once a week.

There are other steps you can take to avoid deleting your account:

Delete photo:

1. Open photos;
2. Go to the photo management section (three vertical dots);
3. Click on “delete”.

Restrict access:

1. Open the main menu (three horizontal lines);
2. Click on “settings” (below);
3. Scroll down to the “account” caption;
4. Select “closed account” from the suggested options.

Delete correspondence:

1. open the ribbon and find the icon in the form of a paper airplane. In the upper right corner.
2. on the iPhone, you have to swipe from right to left on;
3. on android, you need to touch the necessary correspondence and press;
4. Click on “delete” in the window that appears.
Correspondence is deleted only from the history of the account owner, the other participant of communication will not be affected.

But if you are sure you don’t want it anymore, here are the
Ways to delete an Instagram page

Deleting an account is more complicated than the registration process. Developers hide the delete function because they don’t want to lose you. So you have to look for the function somewhere in depth.

The instructions vary depending on the purpose and device:

• from a computer;
• from a cell phone or tablet;

How to delete an Instagram acc from your PC

1. Go to your Instagram page;
2. Go to edit your profile and click on “help” at the bottom of the page

How to delete an Instagram acc from your PC Step 4
3. Select “account management”

How to delete an Instagram acc from your PC Step 5
4. Click on the account deletion tab and follow the instructions step by step

How to delete an Instagram acc from your PC Step 6

How to delete an Instagram acc from your PC Step 7
5. Select the reason for deletion;

How to delete an Instagram acc from your PC Step 8
6. Log in to your account again to verify the rights to the page;
7. Click the red “delete” button.

After that, all data will be deleted.

How to delete an Instagram account from your device

1. Go to the browser from your smartphone;
2. Select the button with three lines in the upper right corner;
3. In the opened tab, click on “settings” in the lower right corner;
4. Click on “help” (below);
5. Select “help center”, “account management”, “account deletion”;

You don’t have to specify a reason to delete Instagram. Once you press the red button, the profile will be deleted irretrievably: