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Emoji Heart Eyes
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The Heart Eyes emoji shows a face with red hearts instead of eyes and a big open smile. In some versions, the smile on the face may have white teeth. This emoji is used to show a feeling of love, infatuation, and adoration for someone or something.

The heart-eyes smiley face icon is part of the Faces subsection of the Emoticons section and was approved as part of Unicode version 6.0 in 2010. It was also approved as an Emoji version 1.0 in 2015, and was added to the Loving Faces subcategory of the Emoticons category.

The Meaning of the Heart Eyes Emoji

Meaning of the Heart Eyes Emoji

Smiling face with heart eyes looks like an emoji with two hearts instead of eyes. Its general meaning is love and sympathy, although it can be sarcastically used in the opposite meaning. However, it is rarely used sarcastically.

Heart means love, so the emoticon carries a romantic message.

The meaning of it is that the one who sent you such an emoticon is clearly not indifferent to you, he feels in love with you, he likes you. In other words, this emoji transmits sympathy.

This means that the one who sent you this emoticon, looks at you with lots of love in their eyes. Not indifferent in a good way. In general emoticon with hearts instead of eyes, has a good positive meaning.

Well this positive emoticon intuitively understandable to everyone and it is used very often, which is proved by the statistics. The Heart Eyes Emoji is usually in the top ten emoticons by popularity

The Use of the Heart Eyes Emoji

Heart Eyes Emoji

Emoticons are a great thing. They allow you to express your emotions without having to write them out in text. The heart-eyes emoji is one of our favorites. This smiley face gives the opportunity to express delight, sympathy or approval.

This cute emoji can also be used to express a feeling of falling in love. Along with love, the person who sends it also expresses joy or even delight. The person sending the emoticon loves, is in love, is pleased, approves, or is simply happy to communicate with you.

A smiley with hearts instead of eyes denotes kindness and love. It can be sent to a loved one, or to dear friends. If a person has such a smiley on his avatar, for example, in WhatsApp, it means that he wants to say that he loves everyone with whom he communicates.


The Heart Eyes Emoji is decoded as follows: Hearts are love. Hearts on the eyes is a loving look. A smile is joy. That is, it can be interpreted as looking with love and joy, “with loving eyes”.

This emoticon means literally love in the eyes of the sender. That is, the sender wants to say that he has tender feelings for the addressee, love. This emoticon can be sent to both men and women. Often this emoticon is put in romantic correspondence.

Most often emoticons are used by girls. Even in the correspondence of girlfriends can be present this emoticon. It will mean that the person is something unspeakably happy, just happy.