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Probably the most distinctive element of the Hawaii Bowl logo is the football that is also a coconut (or a coconut that is also a football). The similarity results from the brown color and the shape. Like a football, the symbol has a white seam, while the green top reminds a coconut.

Meaning and history

Hawaii Bowl Logo history
The first Hawaii Bowl game was held in Honolulu in 2002, and for the first twenty years was played in Aloha Stadium, moving to the new location, Clarence T. C. Ching Athletics Complex in 2022.
Hawaii Bowl is a college football game, which is run by ESPN Events and is affiliated with the Mountain West Conference and American Athletic Conference. Throughout its history, the bowl game was sponsored by ConAgra Foods, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts Hawaii, and SoFi, with the current sponsor, EasyPost, joining Hawaii Bowl in 2021.

What is Hawaii Bowl?
Hawaii Bowl is the intercollegiate football bowl game, which is affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The first game of the Bowl was played in 2002, and since then it’s been held annually at the stadium of the Clarence T. C. Ching Athletic Complex in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Hawaii Bowl Logo-2002
The Hawaii Bowl logo, created in 2002, featured a solid red banner with uneven borders and a black outline, a large graphical element, stylized as pineapple with its main part replaced by a brown and white rugby ball, set vertically. On the red body of the logo, there were two different inscriptions: a simple medium-weight white serif “ConAgra Foods”, for the sponsor of the bowl, and the bold capitalized “Hawaii Bowl” in black slightly narrowed serif letters outlined in white.

2003 – 2010

Hawaii Bowl Logo-2003
The redesign of 2003 refined and emboldened the contours of all elements, and replaced the elegant “ConAgra Foods” inscription with the bolder yet not less sophisticated “Sheraton”, a logotype of the new sponsor, executed in a smooth extra-bold serif font, in a title case. The typeface of the “Hawaii Bowl” part was also refined, with some of the tails a bit thinner and even pointed. The badge looked cool and memorable.


Hawaii Bowl Logo 2011
For the bowl’s tenth anniversary the logo was slightly refined in 2011. The red color of the banner got softer and darker, being mow closer to the wine shade of red. The stylized white “10th” was now diagonally placed over the brown part of the pineapple, and the rose-red title case “Ten Years of Aloha” tagline was added to the badge. The tagline was executed in a classy serif typeface, with its bold letters outlined in white and black not a strong contrast and better visibility.

2012 – 2013

Hawaii Bowl Logo 2012
The anniversary additional elements were removed from the logo in 2012, and the badge came back to the version of 2003, but with the color palette kept intense and bright, as on the previous insignia. No further changes were made to the Hawaii Bowl logos and it stayed like that for one season.

2014 – 2017

Hawaii Bowl Logo-2014
The logo from 2003 came back to the stage in 2014, with the only difference — there was no additional sponsorship lettering on it. So now it was a solid red banner in a black uneven frame, with the black serif inscription in all capitals, with each letter outlined in white. The composition was complemented by the iconic rugby pineapple, which was placed a bit slanted, and this small inclination added a sense of lightness and friendliness to the whole badge.


Hawaii Bowl Logo 2018
On the 2018 emblem, the coconut stands straight, while the red shape has been replaced by a light blue rectangle with rounded corners housing the name of the current sponsor, SoFi.


Hawaii Bowl Logo 2019
A completely new concept of the Hawaii Bowl logo was introduced in 2019. The new badge featured an image of the brown rugby now stylized as a pineapple, set on the left from a light-blue horizontally located banner with rounded angles and a double blue and white outline. The top line on the banner was taken by the bold blue “SoFi” logotype in heavy sans-serif, with the white emblem, formed by nine circles, with three of them outlined and others — solid. The circles made up a square. The “Hawaii Bowl” inscription was set under the white logotype in all capitals of a modern and strict sans-serif typeface; in dark blue color.


Hawaii Bowl Logo 2021
The redesign of 2021 has slightly refined the Hawaii Howl badge and replaced the logo of the sponsor. Now it was a blue lowercase “EasyPost” logotype with a light blue dot at the end. It was written over a plain white background above the bold black “Hawaii Bowl” in the uppercase of a geometric sans-serif typeface. The rugby pineapple was still in its place but with the colors a bit lighter and the white elements — bolder.

2022 – Today

Hawaii Bowl logo
The redesign of 2022 has only touched the sponsor’s logo, placed in the top part of the Hawaii Bowl badge. Even though the sponsor remained the same, EasyPost, the company has undergone a rebranding process, and its modified insignia can now be seen on the Hawaii Bowl logo. The lettering is set in the same typeface, but with smaller characters, in a lighter shade of blue, and accompanied by a delicate geometric emblem on the left. The emblem depicts a cube with some cut-outs, which make it look like a stylized uppercase “E”.

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