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The Great American Conference (GAC) is comparatively young – it was established in 2011.

Meaning and history

Logo Great American ConferenceThe patriotic theme is the leading motif in the Great American Conference logo. While this theme is conveyed by absolutely traditional means, the emblem has a unique look.

The list of generic symbols borrowed from the Flag of the US includes the colors (white, red, and blue), the red and white stripes, and the stars.

To make the logo distinctive, the designer made the stars grey and positioned them symmetrically. Also, the designer turned the stripes vertically and changed the shades of blue and red. In combination with the shield and unique font, all these provide a memorable logo.

What is GAC?
Great American Conference is one of the youngest college conferences. It was started in 2011 and introduced into the 2nd Division of NCAA, the America-wide regulator of college sports. This conference is headquartered in Arkansas, but some participants also come from Oklahoma.

Font and color

The colors are derived from the American flag, obviously. They use dark blue, red and white for these emblems. In addition, there are occasional grey elements, which use this color as a neutral component that doesn’t stand out from the general color scheme. They even organize these elements into stars and stripes to mimic the flag.
The font uses a generally typical sans-serif style with bold letters. When arranged in the full name, the lines can be slightly curved, but the letters themselves are always upright. They are all capitalized, but the ones near the edges can be bigger than the rest. In addition, there are claw-like extensions near the tops of these letters in almost every character, which is used to symbolize claws or beaks of an eagle.