While there is some dynamism in the Central Collegiate Hockey Association logo, it looks pretty heavy due to the choice of typeface.

On the one hand, the letters are italicized and there is the figure of a player, which adds some speed and motion. On the other hand, the glyphs are rather bold, which adds weight. Also, the letters have a rectangle structure, while the corners on the “C’s” are cut. This approach emphasizes traditionalism and reliability – it is far from the friendly plump curves of many modern typefaces.

Logo Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA)

Meaning and history

CCHA Logo history
The Central Collegiate Hockey Association existed from 1971 to 2013. It was a college athletic conference taking part in the NCAA’s Division I as a hockey-only conference.

What is Central Collegiate Hockey Association?

Central Collegiate Hockey Association is the name of an intercollegiate sports organization, which was established in 1971 and is affiliated with the first division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The conference is composed of 8 college members, with only men’s teams playing.

2005 – 2012

CCHA Logo 2005
The Central Collegiate Hockey Association logo, designed in 2005, was executed in a fresh and cold light-blue and white color palette, with the uppercase “CCHA” Abbreviation followed by a stylized image of a hockey player. The lettering was set in a slightly slanted geometric sans-serif typeface with the angular letters glued to each other, outlined in white and shadowed with black. As for the hockey player, he was also drawn with the inclination to the right, sliding with the hockey stick in his hands.

2021 – Today

CCHA logo
The redesign of 2012 has fully rethought the badge of the Central Collegiate Hockey Association, introducing a modern and sleek emblem in a dark blue and red color palette. It was just a single abbreviation, with the first two letters set in red and the third and fourth — in dark blue. The left bar of the letter “A” is replaced by a horizontally located hockey stick, with its handle elongated to the left and underlining the “CCH” part of the logotype. The new typeface features rounded angles and diagonal cuts of the bars, which adds a sense of motion and progressiveness to the traditional color scheme and simple composition of the logo.

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