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The Atlantic Hockey Association has existed under its current name since 2003. Initially, it was founded in 1997 as the MAAC Hockey.

Meaning and history

Atlantic Hockey Association logo

The Atlantic Hockey Association logo looks modern and sporty. All the letters in the logo are lowercased, which makes it look contemporary.

The puck leaves no doubt as to what kind of sport the emblem refers to. The pluck is in flight, which adds a dynamic feel. It is reinforced by the uneven curves forming the ellipse around the emblem.

The emblem has remained virtually the same since its introduction in 2003, except for a couple of minor updates of the palette (shades of blue and gray).

What is Atlantic Hockey Association?
Atlantic Hockey Association is the name of an American ice-hockey conference, which was established in 1997. The AHA consists of ten men’s ice-hockey clubs from the Northeastern United States and Colorado and is affiliated with the first division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Font and Color

The friendly and stable lowercase lettering from the primary badge of the Atlantic Hockey Association is set in a fancy and progressive sans-serif typeface with smooth contours and straight cuts of the lines. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Grenoble TS Medium, or Britannic Medium, but with some modifications and a heavy black shadow.

As for the color palette of the Atlantic Hockey Association’s visual identity, it is based on a cold and French combination of calm blue and white, with dark blue and black elements, creating a strong contrast between the elements of the badge and the plain white background. This color scheme stands for professionalism and excellence, and brilliantly reflects the “icy” side of the AHA.