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The Fight Hunger Bowl logo used in 2010-2012 featured the emblem of the game’s sponsor, the grocery manufacturing and processing conglomerate Kraft Foods Group, Inc. The emblem was placed at the top of a shield shape and was pretty small in comparison with the rest of the logo. Most of the surface was green. Here, the name of the bowl could be seen. Below, there was a part of brown football, which could be recognized by the seam.

Meaning and history

Fight Hunger Bowl Logo history

Inaugurated in 2002, the Fight Hunger Bowl, originally christened as the Diamond Walnut San Francisco Bowl, represents a unique fusion of college football enthusiasm and humanitarian efforts. This bowl game, set in the vibrant state of California, was not established as a conventional company but as a seasonal college football event. Its evolution has been marked by various sponsorships, leading to changes in its name and branding, but its core mission has remained steadfast.

Central to the Fight Hunger Bowl’s legacy is its commitment to tackling hunger issues. It has allied with numerous organizations to support initiatives for food banks and hunger relief, making a substantial impact beyond the gridiron. The event has not only provided a competitive stage for collegiate teams from assorted conferences but has also been a beacon of community service, intertwining the thrill of sports with social consciousness.

In its current form, the Fight Hunger Bowl upholds its notable tradition in the college football arena. The event is distinguished not just by the athletic prowess it showcases but also by its enduring dedication to social causes, particularly hunger relief. This dual focus on sportsmanship and community welfare continues to elevate its status, ensuring it remains an anticipated and respected fixture in the college football schedule.

What is Fight Hunger Bowl?
The Fight Hunger Bowl, an annual post-season college football event, is renowned for blending athletic competition with humanitarian efforts. It distinguishes itself by actively engaging in the fight against hunger, partnering with various organizations to foster community welfare alongside showcasing college football talent.

2010 – 2012

Logo Fight Hunger Bowl
The Fight Hunger Bowl logo, created in 2010, featured a memorable three-dimensional crest in a thick silver framing with the grass texture of the background. The upper part of the crest was taken by the Kraft, the main sponsor of the bowl, emblem in its corporate white red, and blue color palette. The bottom part featured a leathery pattern of a brown and white rugby ball, and the center of the crest was taken by the three-leveled inscription in the uppercase, written in a strong modern sans-serif typeface, in gradient white.


Fight Hunger Bowl Logo
The Fight Hunger Bowl was played from 2010 through 2013 at 40,800-seat AT&T Park, which was the home arena of the San Francisco Giants, in San Francisco, California. The current name of the bowl game is the Redbox Bowl.