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The East Coast Conference (ECC) is a collegiate athletic conference affiliated with the NCAA’s Division II. It is not owned by a single individual but rather comprises various member institutions. The ECC primarily operates in the northeastern United States, encompassing schools mainly from New York, with a focus on promoting athletic competitions and academic excellence among its member institutions. The conference facilitates a range of sports, emphasizing a balance between athletics, academics, and personal development of student-athletes.

Meaning and history

The East Coast Conference was established in 1989, evolving from the New York Collegiate Athletic Conference (NYCAC). This transformation represented a significant shift in the conference’s direction and scope. Over the years, the ECC has celebrated numerous achievements, including producing national champions in various sports and fostering an environment conducive to academic and athletic success. Its member schools have been recognized for their competitive spirit and commitment to student-athlete welfare.

In recent times, the ECC has continued to solidify its position as a key player in NCAA Division II athletics. The conference has expanded its reach, adding new member institutions and exploring opportunities to enhance the collegiate athletic experience. The East Coast Conference remains dedicated to upholding its traditions while adapting to the evolving landscape of college sports.

What is the East Coast Conference?
The East Coast Conference is a collegiate athletic association under the umbrella of the NCAA Division II. It focuses on fostering competitive sports while maintaining a strong emphasis on academic achievement and personal growth of student-athletes. The ECC is known for its commitment to excellence in both athletics and academics, offering a well-rounded collegiate experience.

The Logo

Logo East Coast Conference

The star is given in two shades of grey. The maroon field in the background is also divided into lighter and darker segments. This approach adds some dimension. The 3D effect is reinforced by the ring on which the star is placed – it is depicted as a 3D object.

At the top of the shield, there is the lettering “East Coast Conference” in white letters with red trim positioned over a black background.

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