Degree Symbol

Degree SymbolDegree Symbol

The degree symbol is a sign which is used to indicate a temperature (in various scales, including Celsius and Fahrenheit) or angle measurement. In both cases, the Degree Symbol is placed after the number, but when it is about the temperature, the Symbol is followed by one of the letters (C or F) to indicate the applicable scale.

A degree can be defined as a set of temperature changes measured on a certain scale, for example, one degree Celsius is one-hundredth of the temperature change between the melting point of ice and the boiling point of water.

Degree Symbol Sample

There is also a Kelvin temperature scale, but no Degree Symbol is needed for it, as the measure is called “Kelvin” and only uses the letter K after the number.

Apart from temperature and angles, the degree symbol is used in geographic coordinates. When determining geographic coordinates, the Earth is taken as a sphere. Geographic coordinates determine the position of a point on the Earth’s surface or, more generally, in a geographic shell. Geographic coordinates are based on the principle of spherical coordinates. Similar coordinates are used on other planets as well as on the celestial sphere.

Degree Symbol Temperature

The “Degree Symbol” was approved as part of Unicode version 1.1 in 1993.

Typing a Degree ° Symbol

There is no degree key on the keyboard, so various methods are used to write it.

Typing a Degree ° Symbol

When working in Word, put the cursor in the right place → Insert tab → Symbol → Other symbols… (if the degree symbol is not in the ready set) → Set: additional Latin-1. Highlight the degree symbol → Paste.

Table of Symbols

There is a collection of symbols not only in WordPress. Windows has its table of symbols – the program charmap.exe. To call it, click Start → Run → charmap.exe → OK.

Table of Symbols in charmap

Symbol of degree in the table of symbols

Latex Degree Symbol
Locate the degree symbol in the table window. Highlight it, press Select and Copy.

Degree symbol in the symbol table

Type Degree Symbol
All that remains is to paste the symbol in the desired location with the Ctrl and V key combinations.

Keyboard shortcuts

To write a degree symbol in Windows, press the Alt key with one hand and with the other hand hold it down and type numbers 0 1 7 6 on the keyboard.
Release Alt and you will get the Celsius degree symbol.

Degree Symbol Keyboard shortcuts

For laptops that don’t have a number pad on the keyboard, you should additionally press the Fn key and use the function keys with digits.

The degree sign on the iPhone and iPad

Degree Symbol

Press and hold the number 0 key – an additional ° symbol appears.