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The Cheez-It Bowl logo has been inspired by the emblem of its sponsor, Cheez-It crackers. The very shape of the logo is reminiscent of the shape of a cracker in the way it is depicted on the box of crackers. The dots that can be seen all over the square and the color of the lower half have also been inspired by the crackers. On top of the logo, there is the wordmark of the brand.

However, you can see several unique things, too: the sun, the cactuses, the hills on the background, which make the emblem recognizable.

Meaning and history

Cheez It Bowl Logo history

The Cheez-It Bowl, a distinguished fixture in collegiate football, emerged from a collaborative effort between sports entities and corporate sponsors. Its inception traces back to the twilight of the 20th century, marking a new chapter in the annals of post-season college football competitions. Throughout its history, the bowl has celebrated numerous milestones, distinguishing itself through exhilarating match-ups and substantial contributions to the collegiate football landscape. This event has undergone various transformations in terms of sponsorship and naming, mirroring its dynamic nature and escalating prominence within the sports fraternity.

Central to the Cheez-It Bowl is the celebration of college-level sportsmanship and athletic excellence. It has ascended to a revered status among college football contests, capturing the imagination of enthusiasts and media circles. Presently, the Cheez-It Bowl holds a position of high esteem and relevance in the sports domain. It continues to draw elite college football squads, providing a stage for budding talents to demonstrate their prowess to a nationwide audience. Currently, this bowl game stands as a much-anticipated annual event, encapsulating the fervor and competitive essence inherent in college football.

What is Cheez-It Bowl?
Cheez-It Bowl is the name of an intercollegiate football bowl game, which is held annually since 1990. The games of the Bowl are played at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida.

1994 – 1997

Cheez-It Bowl Logo 1994
The badge of the Bowl, designed in 1994, comprised a bold stylized image with the solid yellow sun and a solid green palm tree decorating the smooth crest, formed by four segments in blue and burgundy, and overlapped by a bold bright wordmark. The wordmark featured two levels, with the heavy blue “Car Quest” in all capitals set above the yellow “Bowl” in a slightly different typeface. The crest was complemented by a delicate sans-serif “Auto Parts” inscription in red, which was written around its bottom left corner.

1999 – 2000

Cheez-It Bowl Logo 1999
With the new sponsor of the bowl, the new logo was created in 1999. It was an intense and slightly naive image, with two palm trees, a yellow sun, and a wide arched ribbon in red with a white sponsor’s name written over it. The “Bowl” part of the lettering was written on a bright blue ribbon, which was placed at the bottom of the logo and arched from the center.


Cheez-It Bowl Logo 2001
The name of the Bowl was changed to the Tangerine Bowl in 2001, and the logo was redrawn again. The new concept was built around the image of a tangerine with green leaves, a bold purple lettering in a rounded sans-serif typeface with each letter outline in white, and a narrow ribbon with the white uppercase “Visit Florida” lettering on it. The fruit emblem was decorated by a frame, composed of several triangles in yellow, green, and purple, with thick black outlines.

2002 – 2003

Cheez-It Bowl Logo 2002
The redesign of 2002 kept the tangerine theme but changed the concept of the logo. Now the fruit was drawn next to the sun, and a brown rugby ball, with the image being overlapped by a light blue banner with the corporate “Mazda” emblem and logotype. Under the banner, there was an orange inscription set in two lines of a bold sans-serif typeface.

2004 – 2011

Cheez-It Bowl Logo 2004
The cool and stylish badge was created for the Bowl in 2004. A green and orange color palette of the logo was accompanied by bold purple lines and white letters. It was a classic triangular crest, vertically divided into orange and green halves, and outlined in dark purple. The badge is crossed by a solid purple banner with the whole “Champs” lettering written over it in an extra-bold serif typeface, with the white capital letters outlined in red. Above the banner, there was a bright orange image with the rugby ball in the center, and sharp triangular rays around it. As for the bottom part of the badge, it has a bold white “Bowl” with a delicate purple shadow, and a lightweight slightly narrowed “Orlando” inscription in a modern sans-serif typeface.

2012 – 2016

Cheez-It Bowl Logo 2012
The classic green and orange crest was redrawn in 2012. The shield got an ExtraBold blue and white frame with gradients, which made it look voluminous. The crest was overlapped by a wide white banner in a double blue outline. The upper part of the logo had an image with a rugby ball, borrowed from the previous version of the badge. The bottom part of the logo was vertically divided into green and orange and has a solid blue silhouette of a palm tree drawn in the center. As for the white banner, it comprised a stylized “Russell Athletic” logotype in blue with the corporate emblem in blue and red, placed above the lettering. The “Bowl” and “Orlando” parts of the inscription were moved to the blue background of a segment, set under the white banner.

2017 – 2019

Cheez-It Bowl Logo 2017
The redesign of 2017 introduced a badge in a new style: the redrawn crest was more minimalistic in terms of decorative elements and color palette, but still had enough brightness and boldness to be noticed and remembered. The solid blue badge with a double gray and white outline was crossed by a horizontally stretched banner in the same color palette. The “Camping World” uppercase inscription in two levels was written in white over the horizontal banner, while the “Bowl” in a smooth heavy serif font was placed under it. The upper part of the badge was complemented by an image of a flying rugby ball with white contours and three sharp yellow lines coming out of it. The bottom part of the crest apart from the white “Bowl” had two yellow palm trees drawn on its sides and a thin yellow “Orlando” wordmark in all-caps.

2020 – Today


Cheez-It Bowl logo

The NCAA FBS college football bowl game was first played in 1989 and has been renamed more than once since then (the Copper Bowl, the Insight Bowl, the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, and the Cactus Bowl).

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