Cars brands and logos that start with U

Cars that start with U

There are too many car brands that start with ‘U’. In fact, there are virtually no big companies of this sort that make cars. The list only includes several smaller brands.

What supercar starts with U?
Urraco is a car, developed and produced by Lamborgini in the 70s. It’s a small sports model that can be driven in the city. The power is combined with dexterity in this one.

What expensive cars start with U?
Ultima is a manufacturer of sports cars from Britain. It’s been active since early 90s. Most of their vehicles are expensive high-performance models.

What car brands that start with U?
UAZ (aka VAZ) is a Russian carmaker, founded in 1941. They produced a large variety of trucks, vans and cars before. Now, it’s mostly crossovers and trucks.


logo UAZ

UAZ is amongst the most famous Russian carmakers, established in 1941. Their iconic cars include off-road vehicles, trucks and utility cars for various purposes, including military.

Ukrainian Automobile Corporation JSC

logo UkrAvto

Ukrainian Automobile Corporation (also UkrAvto) is a Ukrainian car company established in 1992. They mostly distribute cars of other makers throughout the country, including Romanian, Chinese and German brands.

Ultima Sports Ltd.

logo Ultima Sports

Ultima is a British carmaker founded in 1992. They’ve produced a handful of supercars, including a renowned 1-seater called Ultima GTR.


logo UMM

UMM is a Portuguese engineering business founded in 1977. Besides various other products, they’ve developed a number of off-road and utility cars, such as agricultural vehicles.


logo Unic

Unic was a French car maker in 1905-1952. Their main products included buses, some trucks, passenger cars and taxicabs.


logo Unicar

Unicar T was a minicar built by Brits from the Opperman Company. They built this from 1956 until 1959, and only a handful of these were saved.


logo Unipower

Unipower GT is a sports car designed by the British company Universal Power Drives. It was produced in 1966-69 and received several versions.


logo UD

UD Trucks is a Japanese carmaker founded in 1935. Their key products are, obviously, trucks, but there have also been several bus models. They are a subsidiary to Izusu, and previously to Nissan.


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