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Canada car brands

Canadian car industry is amongst the oldest in the world. Despite having a lot of various companies in the country, none of them really have international fame. Still, Canada possesses a rich heritage of building automobiles, and many of the modern brands go as far as being revolutionary.


logo Acadian

Acadian is a car model, produced by General Motors for the Canadian market. It was on sale in 60-70s, and was largely inspired by the contemporary Pontiacs. The car is a type of flat sedans popular in those years. The logo of this model was a tall, red ‘A’, placed onto a black square. There was also a white extension on the bottom of the latter. On it, the designers placed a trio of red maple leaves.


logo ASNA

Auto Shows of North America is amongst the biggest providers of information surrounding automotive expos in Canada and USA. It was founded in 2003, and they host, organize and support many leading shows in North America. If there is a big show in your area, it’s likely going to be supported by ASNA. Their logo is the ‘ASNA’ acronym, written in big, white letters. The font is a usual sans-serif, although bits of the letters are cut off for aesthetics. There’s also the translation, written below the main part.


logo Beaumont

Beaumont was a line of GM-manufactured cars, sold in Canada. Their prime was in the 60s, when several Beaumont variations were built. It was an average-sized passenger car, inspired by Chevy vehicles at the time. Their badge looked like a long downward arrow, colored in white. Above, it was joined by a small shield form. On it, 2 white maple leaves were placed. Besides that, they also had a wordmark – the word ‘Beaumont’, written in italics on the radiator.


logo Bombardier

Bombardier Recreational Products is a Canadian vehicle manufacturer, founded in 2003. The company focuses on building all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles (including some heavy models), tractors and other weather-resistant vehicles. They even make some military equipment. Their modern logo is a black circle with an incomplete gear image inside. About ¼ of the gear is missing from the bottom right section. Here, they’ve instead placed the white acronym of the brand (‘BRP’).


logo Bricklin

Bricklin SV1 was a Canadian sports car from the 70s. It’s the most popular product of the company with the same name. It was designed as a compact sports car with up-doors and a powerful V8 engine from Ford. The central piece of their logo was a thin strip of black matter. There, a capital ‘B’ was stretched and usually colored red. Sometimes, the thing would be placed onto a white circle with the word ‘Bricklin’ written below.


logo Brooks

Brooks was a Canadian automobile manufacturer in 1923-1929. It built exclusively steam-powered vehicles, although they were in appearance very close to those fueled by gas. By 1929, the company went into insolvency. Their logo was a black rectangle with the word ‘Brooks’ on it. The letters varied in size close to the middle. The figure was also surrounded by the elegant ornaments that resembled wrought iron.


logo Can-Am

Can-Am was a brand of sports cars, produced jointly by Americans and Canadians in 60-80s. These were a series of racing cars, although not many of them were designed uniquely. Most were McLaren and Porsche models, among some other. The logo was a combination of two small flags: one American, one Canadian. For their Challenge Cup, they also added a square of checkered space. There, they wrote ‘Can-Am Challenge Cup’, and this logo is regarded as the brand’s most prominent emblem.

Conquest Vehicle Incorporated

logo Conquest Vehicle Incorporated

Conquest Vehicles is a Canadian motor company, established in early 21st century. They specialize in luxury, hand-built cars. Their most popular product is a Knight XV – an armored, high-performance crossover often used by the police. Their logo depicts a lowercase ‘c’, put inside a circle. Behind it, there are two lines curved into an oval shape. It makes the emblem look like an eye or a ring from a specific angle. There’s also a wordmark – ‘Conquest’, written in metallic, angular letters.


logo Gray-Dort

Gray-Dort Motors was a Canadian company that built car parts in 1915-25. Before then, it was a carriage maker. Much of their production focused on making parts for Ford vehicles until their dissolution in 1925. The company’s logo was a circle with ‘Gray-Dort’ written in the middle in two lines. It was surrounded by a ring frame, usually colored blue. Here, a wheat ear would usually be placed on both sides, alongside a text bit in the bottom.

HHT Technologies

logo HHT

HTT Plethore is a Canadian supercar, designed by HTT Automobile. The car entered public attention in 2010, but as of 2021 it’s still in development. It’s a powerful car that utilizer Dodge engines, but the other parts are designed by HTT. HTT’s logo is a vertical oval of the color black. It’s divided in two sections by a horizontal line going through the middle. Much of the top is occupied by an image of a gearstick. The bottom is given over to the wordmark: ‘HTT’ (in big, red letters) & ‘Automobile’ (right below, in white).

Knight XV

logo Knight XV

Knight XV is a SUV, produced by Conquest Vehicles in 2008. The company is a Canadian vehicle manufacturer that focuses of hand-built luxury models. This car is their flagman – an armored luxury crossover used extensively by the police. The model has its own logo – a shield shape with a ‘K’ in it. The outline and the letter are grey, while the core of the shield is black, usually. The font is an elegant serif with pleasant smooth forms.


logo Magna

Magna International is an engineering company from Canada. It was founded in 1957 and soon made itself a name as a supplier of car parts. Their products largely include high-tech solutions for safety and comfort. The emblem is a black ‘M’, made from a small triangle and 2 diagonal lines next to it, with minimal gaps in-between. There’s also a red dot above the letter. The name wordmark nearby depicts the word ‘Magna’, written in big, grey letters.

Manic GT

logo Manic GT

Manic GT is a sports car model, produced by Manic in 1969-71. It was a compact grand-tourer with a brisk V4 engine. Although the car was amongst the first sports models in the country, it wasn’t too commercially successful. The logo was a strip of white paint with two bits of black on the sides. Between them, the words ‘Manic GT’ were placed using bold sans-serif letters. The car doesn’t seem to have had any other emblems.

McLaughlin Buick

logo McLaughlin Buick

McLaughlin Motor Car Company is a Canadian car manufacturer, founded in 1869. They are amongst the oldest such businesses in this country. McLaughlin largely built touring cars. They became known McLaughlin-Buick in 1915 when the company entered a unique partnership with Buick, which later evolved into them being acquired by General Motors. The company’s logo is a wide, blue rhomb with some white elements in it. It contains the words ‘McLaughlin’ and ‘Buick’ written along the top and in the middle respectively.


logo Russel

Russel Motor Car Company is the first successful automobile company in Canada. It produced cars between 1904 and 1916, creating the typical vehicles for the era. Their focus was on lightweight vehicles, primarily. Their main logo depicted their name (minus the ‘Company’), written in elegant, italic letters. They were placed diagonally in two lines. The first (with ‘Russel’ in it) used white, the other words were black.

Allard Motor Works

logo Allard

Allard Motor Works is an American-Canadian business that builds retro cars. Established in 1999, the company primarily builds old Allard cars. Allard J2X MKIII in particular is their flagman, and they built these roadsters almost by hand. The logo is very similar to the old Allard logo. It’s a wide hexagon with rounded corners. The colors are red, but on the AMW version the color scheme is much darker. The central plane is occupied by the word ‘Allard’ in white.

Canadian Electric Vehicles

logo Canadian Electric Vehicles

Canadian Electric Vehicles is a car-oriented business from Canada. It was founded in 1996 as a producer of electric car parts. Nowadays, they convert cars from the typical gas engines to electric drives, and that even includes classic vehicles. Their emblem is a red maple leaf, whose stem gradually turns into a black wire with a plug on the end. It’s usually placed next to the big ‘Canadian Electric Vehicles’ wordmark. The first word is a big collection of dark green letters, and the other two are written in grey below.

Felino Corporation

logo Felino Corporation

Felino Corporation is a Canadian carmaker, established in 2009. The company is focused on building powerful sports cars and supercars. Their most prominent product is Felino CB7 – a 2016-released supercar. The company’s logo is a narrow rhomb, colored mainly in black with some grey elements. The bottom is occupied by two mirrored Fs. Right above them, there is the word ‘Felino’ in capital letters. In the top, the designers placed three linear marks.

Foremost Vehicles

logo Foremost Vehicles

Foremost is a Canadian engineering company, established in the 50s. The company primarily builds trucks and various utility vehicles, at least for their automotive branch. They are meant for agriculture, mining, transportation and a lot more. The company’s main emblem is their own name. It’s written in burgundy, using a basic sans-serif font with rounded forms. That being said, they did a curved line along the edges of the ‘F’ to make it look bigger.

Grande West Transportation Group

logo Grande West Transportation Group

Vicinity Motor Corporation (aka Grande West Transportation Group) is a vehicle manufacturer from Canada. It was founded in 2008, and their main focus since has been bus construction. It mostly manifested in building one well-designed bus model, the Vicinity. Their logo is the acronym ‘VMC’. The font they use is a smooth sans-serif with as few sharp angles as possible. The color is usually bright green.


logo Intermeccanica

Intermeccanica is a formerly Italian, now Canadian carmaker, founded in 1959. Most of their products are compact sports cars, including many roadsters. Nowadays, the company moved to the production of electric high-performance vehicles. Their logo is a shield that features the word ‘Intermeccanica’, written in the very top. The colors are mostly blue, yellow and red. The background includes parts from the flag of British Columbia, where the company is located today, as well as their own bull image.


INKAS logo

INKAS is a Canadian company group, founded in 1995. INKAS specializes in security, which includes a branch that makes armored cars. These are largely luxury crossovers with integrated heavy armor. Their logo is a wide shield of blue or black. In its center, there is an image of a griffin with a sword in its outstretched paw. Right below, the name is written using capital serif letters.

New Flyer

logo New Flyer

New Flyer is a Canadian vehicle manufacturer, founded in 1930. The company primarily builds buses, of which there are several noteworthy models used extensively throughout North America. These are mostly transit buses, as well as some smaller and older models. The New Flyer emblem depicts an image of a target: basically an orange circle with a ring of white inside it. On its either side, there is a big orange wing. The name is written below using dark blue letters.

Nova Bus

logo Nova Bus

Nova Bus is a Canadian vehicle manufacturer, established in 1979. The company mainly builds buses and coaches, especially of transit variety. Nowadays, they are owned by Volvo. The company’s logo is just their name, written in two parts. Both use capital sans-serif letters, colored in blue. The first, however, is in bolder, much bigger letters.


logo Prevost

Prevost is an old Canadian maker of buses and coaches, founded in 1924. Their coaches are used throughout the country, even though there aren’t many varieties of them. The company is currently owned by Volvo. Their logo is just their name, written in big blue letters. The font uses futuristic, wide letters with smooth shapes and some cuts here and there. The company doesn’t seem to have any other emblem.

Terradyne Armored Vehicles Inc

logo Terradyne Armored Vehicles

Terradyne Armored Vehicles is a Canadian carmaker that specializes in armored cars. That includes four main models, which are basically the armored crossovers. They are all based on Gurkha – an armored crossover that uses chassis from Ford F-550. Their logo is a circle with a metal-looking center and a black outline. In the former, they placed a grey shield with a red inlet that resembles the letter ‘T’. The latter holds the name, written in two bits of white text.


logo ZENN

ZENN is an electric car, produced by the company with the same name between 2006 and 2010. This model is a compact hatchback without noise or emission. It’s also pretty much the only viable car the company made in their lifespan. The company used a logo that incorporated their name, written in black. Besides that, there was a green leaf placed onto the middle of the word. Above, the words ‘zero emission’ & ‘no noise’ were written in tall, smaller letters.

Campagna Corporation

logo Campagna Corporation

Campagna is a Canadian carmaker, founded in 1988. Their primary products include 3-wheeled cars with powerful V6 engines they call T-Rex. These have open wheels, no doors and just 2 seats. The emblem resembles a letter ‘c’, although they styled it to look like a head of the wrench. The colors are mainly black and white. There is also a wordmark that displays their name, written in elegant, italic characters.