9 Logos of The Most famous Chinese Shopping Sites

It is not a question that e-commerce is booming in China, so it isn’t a surprise that their logos often serve as a starting point of inspiration for several graphics designers. If you have been looking for some of the logos of the most famous Chinese shopping sites, we have sorted out a list with the best options available around.

To help you understand things better, we have sorted out a list with the best logos for the online Chinese shopping websites like DHGate and several more.


tmall logo

When discussing the best online Chinese shopping websites, Tmall is likely one of the best options. Owned by Alibaba, it is one of the leading B2C platforms, accounting for over 500 million monthly active users. It is a versatile platform that sells almost everything that you could likely think of. From electronics to clothes, the platform hosts a range of items that you’d likely need in your everyday life.

Coming round to the site’s logo, it has a red and black combined logo with a cat’s face on it. The font is pretty simple and is written in both Chinese and English.


Taobao Logo

Another Alibaba owned e-commerce platform that is worth looking into is Taobao. It is a C2C giant that has a similar inventory to Tmall. From notebooks to vehicles, you can find everything that you could want. The leading reason behind the growing popularity of this platform is the free registration that it offers its users.

As for the logo, it has an orange shade to the background with the font written in white. Even this one has the font written in both English and Chinese.


jd.com logo

Another popular platform worth looking into is JD.com, which is alternatively known as Jingdong. Even this one hosts a range of amazing categories including fashion, electronics, health, etc. The brand is currently working for a bigger share of the market and they are planning on doing so by branching out to categories including with little competition including fresh produce and the travel industry.

They are also working on some cutting-edge technologies including AI and robotics and even drones. As for the logo, it has a simplistic logo design with a white background, red font, and a caricature of a dog.


360buy logo

Discussing another appealing online Chinese website, we have 360buy.com. This is one of those underrated websites that feature products in the range of electronics, home appliances, clothing, and even books. One amazing thing about this website is that it hosts some amazing online travel services along with a range of amazing luxury brands.
Coming round to the logo of the brand, it combines a look of blue, white, and orange. The font is pretty simplistic, without any complications.


Pinduoduo logo

If there’s one underdog that has evolved in the e-commerce market, it’s Pinduoduo. Unlike the other ones, this platform has a group purchase model, wherein the users need to buy in bulk. Herein, you can bring together your friends to enhance the order value to later to be able to buy the products that you want. This is one of the best platforms for lesser-known brands to create awareness surrounding their products.
As for the logo of this shopping website, it has a red and white balance with a red heart segmented with the categories of products available on the website, which is nothing short of genius.

Suning and Gome

Suning logo

For customers looking for good-quality electronics products, Suning and Gome are likely one of the best platforms around. It is operational across the country and has posed itself as one of the leading B2C platforms in the country. The brand is consistently tapping itself into an e-tailer brand to keep up with the rising demand for electronics in the market. Aside from the electronics, it also sells electrical appliances.

Coming round to the logo of the brand, it combines themes of blue and yellow and features a cute little animal face on one side and the written name of the brand on one side.


vipshop logo

Discussing the best online discount retail store, we have Vipshop. It sells products across multiple categories of fashion, lifestyle, electronics, etc. It is also one of the biggest hubs for luxury brands and offers loyalty programs with some exclusive deals on some select brands. So, if you are looking for some small businesses, this is likely not the best option.

As for the logo of the brand, it has a pink logo with a white background with the brand’s name written in both Chinese and English.

QQ Buy

qq buy logo

Even though this is a popular Chinese online shopping website, not many users are aware of it. It is owned by Tencent and provides heavy competition to the range of websites owned by Alibaba. The one downside to this website is the fact that it features luxury and high-end brands on the platform. It also enables the users to open virtual storefronts on the website

For the logo of the online shopping website, it features a black and white logo with higher detailing, giving it a very premium look to the logo.


If you are an avid buyer on Amazon, Dangdang is likely the Chinese version of it. It started its operations as a book retailer, following which it branched out into several other categories including fashion, lifestyle, children, maternity, and a whole lot more. The best thing about this platform is the fact that it caters to both small and medium-sized brands and consumers.

Unlike all the other options, Dangdang has a very unique look and feel to the logo with a red face like the logo. It holds its uniqueness to the logo a lot.

Chinese online shopping websites are not just popular for their products, they also stand out for their logos, which is one of the primary reasons why it serves as a significant inspiration for graphic designers. If you are starting small, we’d suggest you take a look through those before starting your journey.