24+ Best Chip Brands and Logos

24+ Best Chip Brands and Logos

In the dynamic world of snack foods, the visual identity of a brand plays a crucial role in shaping consumer perceptions and preferences. Among the myriad snack options available, chips stand out as a universal favorite, offering a range of flavors and textures to suit every palate. The logos and branding of chip manufacturers are not just markers of identity, they are intricate tales woven into the fabric of culinary culture, each symbolizing a unique story of taste, tradition, and innovation.

As we delve into the logos of various chip brands, we embark on a journey through a landscape rich in color, shape, and symbolism. These brands masterfully combine elements of design to communicate their core values and product offerings, engaging consumers at a glance and inviting them into a world of flavorful experiences. From the rustic elegance of kettle-cooked artisan chips to the vibrant zest of spicy tortilla chips, each logo serves as a portal to the unique sensory experiences that lie within each bag.

The importance of a well-crafted logo cannot be overstated in the competitive snack food industry. It acts as the silent ambassador of the brand, conveying messages of quality, taste, and heritage without a word. Through the strategic use of colors, fonts, and imagery, chip manufacturers capture the essence of their products, differentiating themselves in a crowded marketplace and forging a connection with consumers.

This exploration of chip brand logos reveals the art and science behind these deceptively simple designs. It highlights how, through creativity and strategic thinking, these symbols transcend their commercial function to become icons of popular culture.

Boulder Canyon

Boulder Canyon logo

Boulder Canyon takes pride in its kettle-cooked chips made from premium American-grown potatoes and a variety of unique flavors, all crafted with a commitment to sustainability and all-natural ingredients. The brand’s name appears in block capital letters colored in deep red on the logo, evoking the earthy tones of the canyon it’s named after, complemented by an underline that features a rugged mountain range silhouette, symbolizing the natural and adventurous spirit of the brand.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod logo

In Hyannis, Massachusetts, Cape Cod Chips produces chips known for their distinctive kettle-cooked texture and taste, emphasizing simple ingredients and a traditional cooking method. The brand’s logo features a scenic watercolor painting of a lighthouse next to a cozy cottage, with the brand’s name arching above in deep ocean blue, bringing to mind serenity and the fresh, salty breezes of the New England coastline.


Doritos Logo

Since their debut at Disneyland in the 1960s, Doritos have become famous for their bold flavors and distinctive triangular shape, continuously introducing new varieties. The logo features a dynamic triangular design with sharp angles in vibrant colors, embodying an ignited flame or lightning bolt, with the brand’s name in bold white letters outlined in orange and yellow, symbolizing energy and boldness.

Food Should Taste Good

Food Should Taste Good logo

Food Should Taste Good celebrates its variety of non-GMO, gluten-free, and wholesome chips that meet a wide range of dietary needs without sacrificing flavor. The logo boasts a simple, elegant design in black and white, with tall, block lettering contained within a rectangular border, representing the brand’s straightforward commitment to wholesome and tasty snacks.


Fritos Logo

Since its inception in 1932, Fritos has become an iconic American corn chip, cherished for its unique twist and satisfying crunch. The logo of Fritos, set against a bold red oval, showcases the brand name in large, sweeping white letters edged with navy blue, embodying the classic and comforting essence of this American snack favorite.


Herr's logo

Herr’s, a family-owned snack food giant since 1946, offers a wide array of flavorful snacks. Its logo, a vivid red rectangle, features the brand name in a bold, angular white font outlined in black, conveying a blend of intense flavor and enduring tradition.

Kettle Brand

Kettle Brand logo

Kettle Brand distinguishes itself with a dedication to natural ingredients and a variety of kettle-cooked chips flavors, promoting environmental sustainability since 1982. The logo employs a rugged, textured green font for a natural, artisanal feel, with “Brand” in a clean, contemporary style below, highlighting the company’s focus on quality and environmental responsibility.


Lays logo

Lay’s, leading the global market in potato chips, has been synonymous with light, crispy chips and a wide flavor selection since 1932. The Lay’s logo radiates joy, featuring the brand’s name in a white, flowing script over a bright red swoosh, set against a sunny yellow backdrop, capturing the crisp and airy essence of their chips.

Mi Rancho

Mi Rancho logo

Specializing in organic and traditional Mexican foods, Mi Rancho preserves a family legacy spanning three generations, offering authentic tortillas and chips. Its logo captures rustic elegance with a rich, earthen red script and a silhouette of a traditional ranch house above the brand name, evoking a deep sense of heritage and homegrown quality.

Miss Vickie’s

Miss Vickie's logo

Starting in a small farm kitchen in 1987, Miss Vickie’s now excites taste buds with kettle-cooked potato chips known for their homemade taste and satisfying crunch. The brand’s logo, in elegant, flowing deep maroon script, embodies homemade sophistication and a commitment to the art of kettle-cooked chips.


Popchips logo

Introduced in 2007, Popchips presents a lighter, popped snack alternative, emphasizing flavorsome options that are lower in fat without ever being fried or baked. The brand’s logo features a minimalist, modern design with the name in a bold, round, lowercase font in bright red, reflecting a fun and lighthearted take on snacking.


Pringles logo

Pringles, known for its distinctive saddle shape and stackability, offers a variety of flavors in resealable containers since the 1960s. The Pringles logo, with its whimsical character featuring a stylized black mustache and eyes over a bold, red banner with the brand name, highlights the playful essence of its stackable chips.

Red Rock Deli

Red Rock Deli logo

Infusing gourmet ingredients into potato chips for a premium snacking experience, Red Rock Deli draws inspiration from Australian flavors and artisanal cooking. The brand’s logo features a sleek black circle with white lettering, centered around a stylized white starburst, symbolizing the explosive flavors at the heart of its gourmet chips.


Ruffles Logo

Since 1961, Ruffles has been perfecting thick, ridged potato chips designed for the ultimate dipping experience, capable of withstanding the heartiest dips. The logo of Ruffles stands out with bold, red block letters edged in blue, creating a sense of depth and texture that reflects the brand’s signature ridged chips.

Siete Foods

Siete Foods logo

Founded by the Garza family, Siete Foods introduces innovative grain-free Mexican-American cuisine, offering non-GMO chips suitable for gluten-free and paleo diets. The brand’s logo boasts a striking circular emblem with a golden Aztec eagle, representing strength and resilience, against a navy backdrop, highlighting its dedication to heritage and quality.

Simply 7 Snacks

Simply 7 Snacks logo

Offering snacks with simple ingredients and sophisticated flavors, Simply 7 Snacks commits to gluten-free, non-GMO, and artificial ingredient-free products since 2011. Its logo exemplifies minimalist elegance, featuring a sleek white font within a dark circle, adorned with a leaf symbol, showcasing the brand’s commitment to clean, simple ingredients and the natural goodness of their offerings.

Sun Chips

Sun Chips logo

Promoting whole-grain goodness, Sun Chips offers wavy, multigrain chips that are both flavorful and hearty, while also embracing solar energy for their production. The brand’s logo radiates with a whimsical script and a half sun graphic set against a blue sky, highlighting its commitment to bright flavors and sustainable energy.


Takis logo

With their rolled tortilla chips, Takis delivers fiery flavors and intense heat, appealing to those who crave bold and spicy snacks. The brand’s logo vibrates with dynamic energy, featuring an electric yellow font that twists around a fiery swirl, against a backdrop that suggests a sensationally spicy taste experience.

Terra Chips

Terra logo

Elevating vegetable chips to a gourmet level, Terra Chips uses exotic root vegetables to create snacks that are as visually appealing as they are flavorful. The sophisticated logo of Terra features elegant black lettering with “real vegetable chips” gracefully italicized below, reflecting the brand’s focus on authentic, high-quality vegetable snacks.


Tostitos logo

Tostitos brings people together with its array of tortilla chips and salsas, perfect for any social event or celebration. The logo is designed to be playful and festive, incorporating bold, black letters with splashes of color that resemble a person enjoying a party, symbolizing the brand’s connection to sharing and social enjoyment.

Tyrrell’s Chips

Tyrrell's logo

Hand-cooked crisps that capture the essence of traditional English flavors and the elegance of the countryside are what Tyrrell’s Chips delivers, using locally sourced ingredients. The logo of Tyrrell’s, a masterpiece in classic typography, features a sleek, refined black serif font adorned with a subtle green leaf, underscoring the brand’s dedication to natural ingredients and the time-honored craft of making English crisps.


UTZ logo

Established in 1921, UTZ has grown into a beloved American snack brand, known for its extensive variety of quality snack foods that highlight a commitment to quality and tradition. The logo of UTZ brings to life the brand’s warmth and family-oriented nature, featuring a captivating little girl in red fascinated by a chip, alongside the company name in bold, blocky blue letters.

Wise Foods

Wise logo

Since 1921, Wise Foods has delighted consumers with its classic American snack offerings, including crispy, flavorful potato chips and a host of other cherished snacks. The logo showcases a stylized yellow owl’s head with its eyes forming part of the swirl, adding a playful and wise persona to the design. This icon is juxtaposed with the brand name “WISE” in sturdy, light blue lettering against a navy blue background, creating a memorable image.


Zapp's logo

Bringing the bold flavors of Louisiana to the snack world, Zapp’s kettle-cooked chips stand out for their intense tastes, like Voodoo and Cajun Crawtator, embodying the distinct flair of New Orleans cuisine. The Zapp’s logo, a lively red script, captures the brand’s vibrant and spirited essence, complemented by a detailed illustration of a crawfish, nodding to the brand’s roots in Louisiana and its spicy selection of products.


In the diverse world of snacking, the exploration of the best chip brands and their iconic logos presents a tantalizing journey through flavors that cater to every palate. From the sharp zest of cheese to the creamy delight of sour cream, each brand brings its unique twist to beloved classics. The crispness of sea salt, the sweet undertone of onion, and the smoky depth of barbecue invite us into a world where every crunch tells a story. Venture further, and you’ll find corn chips that echo the authentic taste of cheddar & sour, while the tang of vinegar and the richness of peanut oil offer a sophisticated snack experience.

Lime-infused varieties refresh the senses, as pepper and jalapeño ignite a fiery dance of heat and flavor. Sunflower oil, a staple in crafting lighter, yet irresistibly crunchy chips, ensures a guilt-free indulgence. Whole grain offerings speak to the health-conscious, offering a wholesome twist to snacking. When it comes to potato chip flavors, the palette is vast, incorporating everything from the daring heat of hot sauce to the novel zing of ketchup, and the unique blend of spices found in spicy Cajun rotators.

Amidst this flavorful tapestry, Frito-Lay stands out as a beacon of innovation and tradition, continuously evolving to meet the ever-changing tastes of consumers worldwide. As we savor each bite, we’re not just enjoying a snack; we’re embarking on a global flavor expedition. The best chip brands and logos not only represent the pinnacle of snacking excellence but also invite us to explore the rich diversity of flavors that our world has to offer. With each chip, we’re reminded of the simple joy found in a bag of our favorite treat, a universal pleasure that brings us all a little closer, one crunch at a time.