10 Most Identifiable Logos Worldwide

10 Most Identifiable Logos Worldwide

Creating a recognizable bright logo is a challenging task. However, as history shows, the best logos often appeared by accident. Let us discover the history of such high-income success and think about how we can use it for our benefit. And if you need support for the implementation of your creative idea, do not hesitate to visit Payday Depot and become as famous one day as these companies are.

Apple (1976)

Logo Apple 1976

Rob Janow proposed the design for the Apple logo (striped apple) in 1976. In 1998, it underwent minor changes and became the way it is well-known today.

Google (1998)

Logo Google 1998

A unit with a hundred zeros – this is how the word ‘googol’ sounds, which was taken for the name creation. The authors decided not to change the mistake that appeared in the writing and leave it as it is. Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google, made an initial design, which has changed a few times.

McDonald’s (1962)

Logo McDonald's 1962

Almost half a century ago, Jim Schindler proposed this logo, which consists of the two yellow arches forming the letter ‘M.’ The full name that became so famous has appeared six years later, and since then, it exists in this form.

Nike (1971)

Logo Nike 1971

Carolina Davidson was the author of this logo, and it exists like this since that time. She honestly worked out $37 for the design, creating a world-famous sign.

Adidas (1967)

Logo Adidas 1967

Adidas CEO Edie Dassler came up with the logo for his company. He used the 3-stripes brand in 1967 for the first time. The logo has been changed several times but retained the ‘three-lane.’

Coca-Cola (1886)

Logo Coca-Cola 1886

This sign belongs to the most well-known logos. It was created by Frank Robinson, who was a friend of the company founder and worked as an accountant. He came up with this idea more than a century ago.

Playboy (1953)

Logo Playboy 1953

The funny rabbit has grown a lot since the first time when it was printed in the men’s magazine. Today, this famous logo can be easily found on clothes and other items in many countries.

You can even see people with tattoos with his picture! It is worth mentioning that Arthur Pohl spent only half an hour drawing the logo, and later, he became famous as the art director of the company.

Pacific (1958)

Logo Pacific 1958

It is one of the simplest and most recognizable signs in this collection. Its author is Gerald Holtom, a famous designer. It was seen in 1958 for the first time, when the Committee for the Fight against Nuclear Weapons painted it on 500 cardboard billboards for Easter Day.

BMW (1913)

Logo BMW 1913

The prototype of the BMW logo was the rotating propeller of a military aircraft, and the color scheme comprised the colors of the flag of Bavaria, where it was located.

Mercedes-Benz (1909)

Logo Mercedes-Benz 1909

The three-pointed star is a symbol of power over land, sea, and air. This logo was coined in 1909, and, after being modified in 1937, it remains almost unchanged to this day.